The Ra Contact, 40th anniversary.

On the 15th January, the Ra contact turned forty years old. Forty years after it was first channeled by the llresearch team. Channeling is the ability to make contact with largely non physical beings like spirits and other ‘higher’ beings or entities

This is done in a state of ‘trance’ whereby the channeler goes into a deep state of meditation shutting down the active mind and repeats the words or thoughts impressed upon them.

Although this team had many years of experience of this ‘channeling’ and channeled many beings or entities, The being who identified itself as Ra, was by far the most advanced, difficult and soon to be important contact yet by way of the information revealed about humanity, and its place within the cosmos. For more on who and what Ra is and further information, please read my (lapsed) series of posts entitled: The Seven Densities Of Consciousness.

From the Law Of One intro

I first became aware of these books relaying the many question & answer sessions with The Ra group via a set of articles on another website, where the articles referred to concepts spoken about in The Ra contact. I searched out the books, downloaded them (they’re available for free) and forgot them.

Not long awakened, into my spiritual journey, I was hungry for answers to the big questions, and asking constantly for more spiritual growth…. Be careful what you wish for….. One day I went through an extremely traumatic event that shook me to the entire core and which is still unresolved to this day. Needing something to stop me drowning, to not fall into despair, I picked up The Ra Contact: The Law of One books.

From The Law Of One intro

Whilst difficult to read and hard to understand it was made easier for me I guess, as I was already aware and accepting of certain spiritual principles and facts; about what is really going on in our world, that gets ignored by the mainstream media.

Nevertheless, I soon found my groove and day after day I began to hungrily consume it. I have read the original books twice now, read more channeled information that sought to explain some of the more confusing topics and language that Ra used originally. Listened to dozens of podcasts by the updated team at llresearch and read and watched numerous viewpoints on The Law Of One.

Through this Law Of One, I have come to understand and accept the entity known as Yeshua who we call Jesus and understand his teachings in a different light. To say that it’s changed my life irrevocably, would be an understatement. I am a completely different person, living by a different set of values due to these communications.

From The Law Of One intro

it was due to this ‘‘Catalytic event’ and the discovery of this information that I came to understand who and what I really was, and discovered aspects of myself previously dormant (the writing contained within this blog is a great example).

Although it may appear that I am quite knowledgeable about these books and the information contained within, I consider myself a lowly student who has merely dipped their toe into this sea of information. There are people (including the original surviving member Jim McCarty) who have been studying the ideas and concepts provided by the Ra group that make up this ‘Law Of One’.

For more information on the 40th anniversary of the Ra Contact, be sure to check out the community website of llresearch:

You are not part of a material universe. You are part of a thought. You are dancing in a ballroom in which there is no material. You are dancing thoughts. You move your body, your mind, and your spirit in somewhat eccentric patterns for you have not completely grasped the concept that you are part of the original thought.

Ra, The law of One 1.0

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