The Two Arms Parable

Imagine all your life, that the society you lived amidst had either a left or right arm to use. Without ever knowing anything else, it was considered normal….

But imagine discovering one day, upon awakening, that you had in fact two arms to use. What an amazing discovery. Now you could have the use of either arm!!! knowing what it felt like to have the other arm, that was only available to one half of the population, one type of person, one gender.


Using both arms in conjunction to do things just felt like a natural experience; like it was always meant to be this way, like you were whole, complete. Amazed and wanting to bring this experience to society, you meet with resistance and opposition.

Two arms? That’s not ‘natural‘, not ‘right. One arm is ‘normal’ it’s just how it is, how things are. Your family tell you to get rid of your other arm, it’s EMBARRASSING!!!!!, they don’t want to be socially shamed by you displaying TWO arms in public.

Inage from: DeviantArt

But so, even in your heart of hearts, you know that this IS normal, that this IS the way forward. On a level that most others around you can’t /won’t/ don’t want to comprehended. You bow to peer pressure and cut off your other arm, and confine yourself to the pre-packaged standard of societal norms.

Image courtesy: YouTube

How would that feel to you? If you had memories of a culture where two arms were normal and embraced? Then put into a culture where it was only acceptable to have one arm. How would you feel about this limited freedom, limited ability, limited mindset?

Like the colour had been drained from your world and you could only see in monochrome? To be laughed at by the idea of unity by relations and friends? To be the proverbial clown that pies are launched at, the outsider that rotten tomato’s are hurled at?

But yet to endure it all with dignity and a modicum of self respect; to keep that precious core truth and freeness of being locked away inside the secure vault of the heart. Until the turning of the seasons and the green shoots that indicate change, once more signal to humanity that change is our natural state….

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