A festive blessing

Wherever you are or whatever you’re doing this festive period.

May blessings be upon you and yours.
May your life be filled with light.
May the joy of the spirit enrich the fibres of your being.
May your days be filled with wonder and your nights filled with magic.

May you know warmth and comfort at this time.
May you neither hunger, desire or find want.
May your mind, body and soul be replenished and re-nourished.

May you find forgiveness and acceptance in your heart for all grievance’s laid upon you, and the planet this year.

May you strive ever more to grow, develop and evolve and may your spirit ascend and spiral ever towards the light.

May the gifts of compassion, empathy, tolerance and respect be bestowed upon you.

May you see yourself in all others and may love become the overriding emotion in your thoughts and deeds.

May you come to know the majesty that is the infinite creator, like you know your own reflection when you gaze into a mirror.

Blessing’s be upon you friend, wherever you are, and whatever you do!

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