Transgenderism, The Divine Feminine & Masculine and the incoming 4th Density part.2

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In part one of this post we looked at Transgenderism and body modification. We looked at information about the incoming 4th Density, We also looked at our current culture and the Hyperion novel which describes how future humans may look.

In this final part, I want to look at the emotional and spiritual aspect of Transgenderism and why we find so many people identifying with the opposite gender, neither or both. I’ll also be using quotes from the Q’uo entity channelled by the llresearch group which chimes with my own intuition and spiritual advice.

Firstly, if you look at the first part of this post you find links to explain this concept of Densities. But in a nutshell, 4th Density is the next step in our spiritual evolution. And I mean that the planet itself moves into a higher vibration. Mother Earth is alive and is ready to leave the destruction done to her behind!

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4th Density has been described as the density of love. We learn the lessons of total love and acceptance, forgiveness, tolerance in deeper and deeper ways. So an entity who can’t fit into this 4th Density love vibration will have to go to a lower 3rd density planet in their next life. This is what has happened to our 3rd Density planet.

The reason that this type of energy of the masculine nature has been so predominant is that there is a great portion of the population of this planet that has, of necessity, come to this planet to repeat the third-density cycle, having failed to make the harvest on other third-density planets.

Q’uo March 7 2020

Anyway as this 4th density is about love and acceptance, that means ‘balance’. Balance is an acceptance of the opposite, and while it can mean many things, we are only concerning ourselves here with gender. So both Male and Female or Masculine and Feminine need to be brought into balance.

Unfortunately on this planet, the Masculine aspect has held sway for many thousands of years, completely dominating the feminine aspect; and now leading to a massive reversal thus leading to a feminine gender orientated change in society.

Thus at this time, there is the movement within the mass mind of the consciousness of most of the third-density entities upon this planet for the reintegration of the feminine, the matriarchal energies…

Q’uo March 7 2020

Here is a great article delving into this subject.

Rise of the Feminine & The Fall of Corrupt Kings

But if in spirit we are genderless, then what exactly is male and female, masculine and feminine? What are these concepts beyond the physical form? They are expressions of energy. Everything is energy, spirit is energy. And so we have the concept of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, both expressions of energy. It doesn’t matter what physical gender you’ve been born or incarnated into, both of these energies are inate to each person.

The patriarchal type of expression of energy has been that type of experience which the recent history of your planet has exhibited in a degree which exceeds the normal balance of such expression, when compared to the matriarchal or feminine nature that each entity has within it, whether it be biologically male or female.

Q’uo March 7 2020

Ultimately what we are striving for is UNITY, a balance of both these energies, but because the Divine Feminine energy has been so woefully expressed or repressed it is overtly in abundance now being expressed through gender change. Q’uo describes the energies as Masculine: “that which reaches and controls” and Feminine as : “nurturing, of receptivity, of awaiting the reaching.”

Energy Balancing

So the key here is to accept your Divine Feminine or Masculine self, let those energies be freely expressed within you, for this is the way forward and the more you do this, then the quicker the vibrations of 4th Density love will increase.

we find that the New Age of love and understanding that is now having its energies experienced and expressed by greater portions of this population is that of the New Age which is dawning within each heart that is open upon planet Earth at this time.

Q’uo March 7 2020

One personal statement of advice I recieved from spirit when I was first experiencing the energies of my divine opposite was: ‘Once the male and female are in balance, the heart is complete.’ I pondered that statement for a long while before I discovered this particular Q’uo channelling and it verified the statement I received from spirit and my own conclusions about what this meant. This is why my avatar picture is of a being with both masculine and feminine qualities I don’t feel the need to state a particular gender.

Divine Feminine & Masculine

Dress and look how you want and feel, not how society at large states how you should…

Another piece of advice I received from spirit was ‘Never be ashamed about how you want to dress.’ Thus providing further reassurance that I was making the right choices. Dress and look how you want and feel, not how society at large states how you should, the same society that has narrow definitions of what constitutes a man or woman.

…if you’re not living the way you want to live, then you’re not living at all!

Dress yourself, decorate yourself, express yourself, modify your body. Evolve yourself. BE YOURSELF! because if you’re not living the way you want to live, then you’re not living at all!

…I believe the Ousters have done what Web humanity has not in the past millennia: evolved. While we live in our derivative cultures, pale reflections of Old Earth life, the Ousters have explored new dimensions of aesthetics and ethics and biosciences and art and all the things that must change and grow to reflect the human soul. Barbarians, we call them, while all the while we timidly cling to our Web…..crouching in the ruins of Rome’s faded glory and proclaim ourselves civilized.

Dan Simmons, Hyperion, 468]

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