Another Me

When I look at you I see myself reflected back through your eyes. You’re another me, another facet of me. You may look differently, dress differently, put your makeup on and wear your hair differently, you may not even be the same gender or ethnic race as me.

SouL Reflection Part II, Daniel López –

But behind all that, there are aspects of you that I recognize within me, or aspects of you that would be me if I lived as you. Behaviours, mannerisms and quirks of personality.

Beyond that again I see the spirit that lays within you, that perfection beyond that physical shell that you choose to clothe yourself in. I too am that perfection, I too choose to see beyond the skin I house myself in.

We are all facets of the same diamond, the same whole that makes up us all. When we come into the melting pot of love, notions and concepts of separation vanish. The primordial soup is a broth of unity.

When this truth is injested, accepted, and fully realized, then no longer can I display anything other than love for you, for you are another me. You also know this to be a trueness deep within the confines of your heart, for I am but a facet of you!

Photo by Amine M’Siouri from Pexels

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