Love should not be contained!

Love should not be forced!

Love should not be coerced!

Love should be set free from the confines of one’s mind and expressed freely. When a gate to a field is opened, the animals roam free. Likewise the gates of one’s heart should be flung awide letting the love contained therein rush out like a herd of trampling bulls. Stand in the way of this onrush, welcome it with open arms, let yourself be totally vulnerable and exposed.

Give oneself over and be totally at the mercy of this onrush of love, knowing that the only real damage occurs to the restraints of the ego-mind. The ego-mind that has been taught, that love should be nutured and muzzeled; and expressed only in small doses too those who we are intimate with. Even then it is only whispered ever so softly.

But love is more than a word, more than a passing thought, more even than the love that we think it is. Love is the power that created the universe, and light is a physical reflection of this love. We would not be in existence if there was no love present. Those who understand this, who are free from the ego-mind and physical form, realise the power of this and love us unconditionally.

So why do we, in our small fish-tank environment continue to reduce ourselves, bottle ourselves, choose to remain ignorant of the power we possess when we wield this love? When we open ourselves up to the instreaming majesty of the creators love, we can live a life to our fullest potential. So let me take the first step and say that I LOVE YOU!

I love your perfections, but I love your flaws even more, for we are not perfect in this human form. Only the spirit is perfect and so these flaws are what makes us unique, less than the unity we have with the creator. And we choose these flaws as a way of growing every day in love for each other, to see the perfect soul that lies beyond these flaws, to recognise that we all have flaws and together we can work on ourselves to understand one another and feed each other that divine nectar that we have named as love.

4 thoughts on “LOVE

  1. I love you. That is powerful words. In standard therapy there is no love. No wonder there is no real healing. Most people feel more comfortable saying they hate someone. Or people can have multiple sexual partners but if someone said the word love that would be outrageous. We definitely need to get comfortable with love. Loving others and accepting love. Such a beautiful article. Thank you for the time it takes you to do this work.


    1. Glad it meant something to you. I was filled with love when I wrote it. Agree with you comment we misuse and underuse love. It is the ego that stands in the way of expressing love freely. The Rav group started that matrimony although beautiful in its own right, is very limiting for the free expression of that same love towards others 💕


  2. For the Great Creator once we have opened ourselves to the river of His Love will enable us all to perceive that which was originally lacking in us. It is this Force, this Love which opens our hearts and souls to all we meet. As we work through our Spiritual journey we begin to refine, yet broaden our understanding of what it means to love, not only those closest, but all of our brothers and sisters irrespective of that which would contain us.
    Thank you for your words friend. I love you


    1. That is a beautiful statement and one which stirs the heartstings of my soul.I can only offer my thanks for it and return my love to you in reply. Well met my friend I love you too 💕


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