A Higher Dimensional Meditative Experience

I hate coming back into my physical body and having my conciousness contract after astral travelling.

Raised my vibration in meditation. Very quick energy surges the to top of my head & third eye and then, whoosh!!! Out of the crown. Head felt frozen in place. Very quick Astral travel through a seeming vortex.

There appear to be entities such as the Ra group there. They shone brightly as massive spheres of brilliant white light. “Welcome back brother” I think I hear, but I felt myself slipping away as this was enough to experience. But NO, not again, not so soon!! I was thinking I’m telepathically saying. I’m fighting against a return though that vortex again So I FORCED myself to stay.

Astral travel in a vortex

I want to know more. I NEED to know more! They shone light so brilliantly, It blinded and burnt away at me. “IMMOLATE ME” I shout wordlessly with outstretched arms. “I DON’T CARE, I WANT TO STAY HERE.!!”

The fiery white light burns away all layers of me revealing my true form. I am light too. I am part of this greater sphere of brilliant light. I rejoin it and am shown humanoid forms that make up this greater whole. I understand that this is only to show me that there are many others besides me.

Soul group entites

I am perfect, I am whole. But soon after I feel my conciousness, and expanded awareness start to recede. I contract into, and I can feel my physical body again, and myself residing within it. This process continues until I am completely housed within my physical form again and I slowly open my eyes like a newborn for the first time, only I’m trying to remember what I see or try to think again.

Expanded state of Consciousness

I attempt to move my limbs again, I feel like the tinman getting oiled and starting to move again. At the same time, frustratingly I feel the memories of what transpired in that state slip away until I’m left with this poor imitation that I now write. Even so, It takes me a while before I can shift my body and fully embrace this physicality, as the pull of this higher vibratory state still lingers and I recount what little memory I have of it…

…it doesn’t seem noteworthy at the time.

At the time I thought that there was no point in writing this down, as the experience wasn’t particularly strong or clear. Thank goodness I did as this state I now reside in, is a world away from the one previous. Let that be a lesson to all who may read these words. The higher state/ vibration your consciousness is in, is one’s true natural state. So it doesn’t seem noteworthy at the time. It’s only when you start to drop out of that state, that you really understand the how different the rates of vibratory consciousness actually are ..

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