Higher Dimensional Thoughts or graduating into 4th Density

To come online, to be part of a group to join the, ‘club’. How do you know when this may happen? You’ll be greeted by many salutations such as: ‘welcome’ ‘congratulations’ ‘Welcome to the club’. You’ll feel overwhelming kindness & love. So, so much love that you can’t help but smile, grin and love straight back. Its like joining a social media group only vastly bigger. You’ll not be reading a conversion or threads, you’ll be hearing it telepathically and not just one conversation, millions of them and you tune in and tune out of any one you like.

There may be perhaps ‘site administrators or moderators’, but perhaps this definition is lacking. Perhaps a better definition would be senior members. For just as you are new to the conversion, there’ll be one’s there who are already old with more experience & knowledge who will help to guide the conversations and correct any errors. Perhaps the administers and moderators who rarely get involved in the ongoing conversion are the higher density Entity’s, preferring, or directing their efforts into smaller groups or individuals even. But how is this possible when everyone is part of the conversion, everyone is online?

I guess at that stage of evolution things are possible that we, with our limited 3D thinking can’t grasp. There’ll be many there that have different and more evolved abilities then you and perhaps you’ll be amazed at what is possible. But these abilities will be available to you too.

All you’ve got to do is train. Just like a human athlete trains and trains, and their fitness, skill and physical body gets better and improves, we need to train the mind. We already do it in this human form to grow or develop our already existing, or latent abilities through medatition, contemplation and seeking. We may always, always ask for more growth and development from our guides, our higher selves, angelic’s or soul group and even the creator itself. This may be done through one of the techniques outlined above or through any form of prayer or ritual that one feels comfortable with.

But two things must be taken into consideration first. One that we express gratitude for the evolution that we currently have achieved, and the life that we find ourselves in. But also that we constantly remind ourselves to express this gratitude.

(The higher self dictated the rest of this message)

Two, that growth can only be achieved by the destruction of the ego. That is to say that we let go of attachments, resentments or physical desires. Try to see beyond the physical in everyone, see yourself in the other person or reconize that you could be that person. In fact you may have already been that person previously, what is meant by this, is the attributes, the modus operandus of thinking and behaviour. Reconize that these others are still sleeping within the illusion, that the scales have not dropped from their eyes yet. Where you see unity, they see seperation, this is what is meant by illusion friends.

Spiritual growth means change

And so, in this way when the thinking along these lines becomes what you might say, second nature; the growth is more easily achieved as the ego is prevented from blocking the inrush of new Consciousness. But a word of warning friends, to have great spiritual growth or greater consciousness, the ego must be greatly diminished, so that that one is rebranded in the fire and made anew. Be prepared to undergo great transformation for the way will not be easy.

The sharing of information, the talking and the listening, very important this friends for all things are learned through listening….

The higher self

But once this is achieved to some degree one may seek out and encounter others walking the same path. In this way the seeking becomes easier. The sharing of information, the talking and the listening, very important this friends for all things are learned through listening and whilst one may think that it needs to hear no more, a simple word or phrase may spark of a new connection in the self leading to an avalanche of potential knowledge and thereby growth.

In the social media that one partakes in, individual identity is absorbed. For as this entity or channel has stated, it has the beginnings of the social memory complex. For group name becomes synonymous with each. One does not check on the contributions or writings of the any one individual, one checks the group, the hive mind. The first thing one thinks when one is notified by electric or cellular device is that there is new information to be consumed in the GROUP be this your new spirit group or any other group that one chooses to partake in.

2 thoughts on “Higher Dimensional Thoughts or graduating into 4th Density

  1. This one won’t let me write a comment. I think I have read this one before. I stole the picture. Lol. Great article as usual. If I have your permission I would love to publish some of your stuff on my youtube channel. I particularly love the one about Christ.

    Patrice Elliott
    Tir na nog Therapy


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