The Tapestry Of Life 21/10/20

The tapestry of life friends is one in which you in your group weave in and out of each others life threads. This this is no accident, that you all have met and formed a huddle in this group of spirit; is borne of a love that transcends this physical environment that you now inhabit.

Without encroaching or revealing anything that may cause us to blemish your free will; it can be said that the tapestry of life is a more honest and truer testament than you may perhaps realise. For at this stage of your enlightenment or spiritual progress, you may only see the individual threads that lay before you, that you encounter or converse with daily, weekly, monthly. But when the larger perspective shall we say can be comprehended and witnessesed, the threads of many, and how they interact and interconnect with your own are revealed.

So called future paths and possiblites are there to be deciphered. Nodes upon this tapestry of life that shine brightly are revealed; the pre-incarnative choices that one whishes to have, as lessons to be learned, for growth. And so each of you has chosen these paths that your individual thread may take and therefore it is no accident that you all find yourselves here together presently reading this information.

Truly we can state to you that the one known as D thought, and writes the words ‘Orchestra Of Life’ intentionally. But what the one known as D perhaps does not know, is that these words were ordained to be spoken. For the impact of, and effect on this channel whom we communicate through now. And whilst he wishes to put a ‘name’ to the words he writes, we say to him that he already knows this information.

It is his doubt and own self-imposed limitations that prevent and hold him back from fully opening himself up to us as a channel. But friends, names are less important in this adventure now being undertaken; more importantly are the feelings one has, the assuarity that the message received is of a genuine nature and is freely communicated for each one’s discretion and summation.

Be rest assured, from our vantage point, we see how the fibers and threads that is each individual member as you do love to think of yourselves; weaves, intertwines with each other, and at other points unravels; only to repeat the process with another thread. This my friends makes up the great tapestry of life and the overarching and overall picture of your dance creates many patterns.

And to behold this picture created, is a scene more beautiful and creative than any of your words can state, any of your paintings can capture. It’s through feelings and the silence that one may unloosen the bolts of the mind, throwing ajar the vault of the subconscious mind; allowing the true essence of you all to begin to comprehend the fully knitted piece.

Keep your huddling and weaving, for it bonds you tighter to each other; continuously setting new heights for self-improvement and an ever upwards spiraling vibration.

Namaste friends your eternal brothers and sisters in the light.

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