Seas Of Change

The tide draws in, the tide pulls away. The ebb and flow of life itself. We have our crests, our Peaks but we have times when our waves come crashing down bearing upon the ground from those lofty heights. Oh woe is me we say, I was once a mighty wave, now I’m merely a few scattered, separate puddles slowly seeping into the sands.

But we forget that nothing is permanent, everything is in flux, in motion and like the remaining sea waters that recede timidly from the shoreline, our lives are also subject to such change for we too once more rejoin that great body of water named the ocean.

And what is this ocean anyway? A vast body of water, limitless and eternal to the naked eye. A body of water where one droplet of water is indistinguishable from the next. There is no separation in this, only oneness and unity. .

There may be parts of this primordial Ocean that are warmer, clearer, bluer, teeming with more life, but ultimately they are still part of the same whole and each droplet of water is just as important. For no matter where it falls, which part of the grand ocean it makes up, without all of them, all we would be left with is puddles…..

Written in the year of our lord Oct 20

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