future events

This is just a short post to let those who follow this blog and anyone else interested in what to expect going forward with this blog. I Started this blog on the advice of a few friends/ peers of mine. I’m not one for seeking attention or fame, so it was with reluctance this I created this blog on the first place.

Secondly, this doesn’t appear to follow the conventional traditions of a blog. Its more my experiences as I attain more Spirital growth and receive deeper understandings on the reality of the human experience.

The creation of this blog is during a period of my life in which l stand on the precipice blindfolded.

On a deeper level though, events playing out in not the manner that I wish, are what is truly needed beyond this physical body that I now inhabit for the more ones reaches for Spiritual growth, the more trauma that one encounters. For is is through trauma that one questions ones existence.

Regardless, if I’m able to continue posting material on this blog then what I have planned is to:

• Finish the Seven Densties of Consciousness series

• Create more content regarding The Law Of One

• post content on what it means to be Spirital as apposed to be religious

• post content on what it means to have a Spiritual awakening and what to expect

• create a post or two on the current state of the world, what it all means and how I see it panning out.

  • create content that sheds lights on tranderism, understating the divine feminine & masculine principles, and the earth changes that enable this.
  • Create a resource that people can refer too whist trying to grow spiritually or develop their Spiritual abilities
  • Thanks for reading.


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