The Descent

One can compare ones spiritual journey to that of a plane flight. High above the clouds, cruising in the rarified atmosphere, one may look out of the window and survey the scene that lays before them.

The perfect blueness of the never-ending sky above, meets the delicate, virgin-white wisps of cloud, which then thicken, accumulate mass, congeling into a fluffy blanket that covers all below. In the midst of this picture, the creator, in the guise of the sun; shines forth it’s perpetual light giving context and meaning to its unfolding creation which you are now gazing upon.

Heaven meets earth

This scene, unacompanied by any audio commentary, leaves it up to the gazer to provide their own input. But one can say that these primal, ageless elements that paint the scene that reach the gazers eye; are both majestic and awe inspiring, and that one is turely in the ‘heavens’ at this time.

One may feel much at peace with oneself and the world here, an inner peace, a stillness of being. And no guilt should be brought to bear upon oneself; for entertaining thoughts desirous of remaining in this prefect state of harmony, free from earthly cares and responsibilities.

Bliss, harmony, Shangri-la

For this is truly ones natural state of being, this is a remembrance beyond the physical experience, that wholeness and completion lie with the creator. For while in this state you walk with GOD! And not just you countless others like you! And it is bliss, pure unadulterated bliss. For everything is in harmony, with everything else. Everything is known to each and all. Every thought, feeling and emotion is shared by all. No limiting words are needed here.

But after a time, the ‘Captain’ announces the start of decent. Down, down, down one desends and with each drop the ‘heavens’ receed along with the larger awareness of ones true nature and connection to all. Enveloped within the cloud, the mists of forgetfulness obscure any sight of the glorious heavens. As land rapidly approaches so to does ones consciousness rapidly contract until finally you land with a bump! Thus completing ‘The Fall’.

The Descent

This is a difficult place to be when trying to hold that tenuous link, that golden thread to that utopian state. One is barraged, assaulted even by people talking, laughing shouting. Car horns, and engines, phone ringtones, radio stations playing music, television sets and monitors playing adverts. Dogs barking, cars meowing.

The physical, man-made world

A myriad more scents both pungent and delightful and a million and one other stimuli that bamboozle the remaining senses. I. CAN’T. THINK.

Sensory overload

What to do? where to go? How to not lose oneself in this baffling array of sensory overload? Why did I even choose to come here?

‘The answer is clear. Your experience, along with countless billions upon billions of others, give the creator a unique reference point of an existence, that isn’t the creators after a fashion. There are three tools at your disposal in this life that you have. Mediation, contemplation and prayer.

Meditate and go inside, deep inside within oneself; block out all external stimuli and lose sight of the physical body you now inhabit. Search for that frequency, that golden link that will lead you back to that place of oneness. Find a breath technique that suits and breathe in slowly & breathe out slowly. With every breath feel yourself slowing down. Imagine the tickling of a clock where each tick gets slower & slower & slower.

Remove oneself from any worldly distractions. Talk a walk in nature, spend time alone with just yourself and that little voice inside of you that never gets a chance to be heard due to the hustle & bustle of everyday life. Contemplate this experience Contemplate meditating on this experience. Listen for any reply when talking to oneself.

Meditation, contemplation, prayer

When both these avenues are out of reach, then Pray. All for help, ask for guidance ask to be granted the time for contemplation. Ask for the time for mediation. Ask whoever you want, past loved ones, friends, guides, angelics or the very creator itself. All them all, it take doesn’t matter as long as it’s asked with sincerely, gratitude and love, your wish, your request, just like the genie says Will be granted.

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