A Healing Prayer during Covid-19 pt.2

Divine one, we open our hearts and call to you in these times of uncertainty, fear and doubt. We ask in earnest that your Divinity shines forth upon the people’s of this earth. That this eternal healing light anoint the heads of each who may be beneficiaries of this gift.

We think of the elderly, infirm, dependant or those afflicted who have had to isolate away from society. We think of those who who have have been made redundant or have lost their business. We think of those who have not been united with new life in their families or whose celebrations of unity and matrimony have been frozen. But mostly, we think of love ones lost and the heartache of a restricted farewell.

May this perfect light heal and make whole not only those stated, but may humanity as a collective use this period of reflection to aspire and resolve to use the future more wisely. May those who are a medium for spirit provide ever more service to others and those in need. We ask simply that you grant humanity H.P.O.E.

We ask and offer this in the most purest possible way. With unconditional love.

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