A Healing Prayer during Covid-19 no.1

Please join with me in Prayer.

Great Spirit

Only Love towards You, Ourselves and All Others is the Answer to Everything!

Only Love !

When the Vibration of Love is being given out and received, it can make EVERYTHING that’s not, change it’s path and direction. When you only give and receive Love, anything else is not at home. There is no room to let it in.

Love is Universal. It is One Love for ALL !

Today I want to ask All for Collective Healing for those who have recently been bereaved from the Covid-19 Virus. We do not know why this had to have happen! This has been a very painful experience to so many. Let us all try to focus on what all we have learned through this.

It is important Divine Spirit that we think of all those that are less well off than ourselves. There are many who are rich in financial wealth and yet poor in their connection to You Great Spirit. And yet those who are financially poor, speak their truth and love of you with an angelic beauty.

Image: davidmasters.com

I want to encourage All to stay with Gratitude, Caring and Compassion in their hearts towards themselves, all animals and nature. I ask you All to stay closer to Your True Self and the Laws of the Universe.

I ask this in your Divine Name of Love, Light and Truth.

Amen. 🙏🏻

Author- David McCavery 28/06/20 originally written for Special healing service.

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