Touching Divinity

We say sorry to whom we do not know because there is no light, all is dark. We bump into each other, knocking each other over, frequently causing pain. We lash out and paw the empty air because we are blind to one another.

This state of confusion causes much anguish between one another, we feel we are all alone, isolated in the dark. This is how it is for most of us in the physical. Disconnected from one another, each entity a singularity, a seeming black hole ever drawing inwards never radiating out.

And yet if each seemingly separate entity would stop for a while and give pause to consider; they would begin to see that there is illumination in the darkness, outlines and shapes against the dusk. If one would let that consideration grow and expand, then it would seem that features could be made out, identity would come into awareness.

The murky dusk begins to fade and hazy light replaces it. As each entity or person welcomes this change with open arms, the light responds to this calling, completely dispelling the cold, clinging gloom. Tears of joy are wept down each face as the veil drops away and recognition settles into each mind.

I know you, you are my brother; you are my sister; you are no stranger in the dark trying to harm me. And so if this is a trueness, then I have no need for defence, no need to be on my guard. For I know that you would never hurt me and I would never hurt you. For we are family, we are unity, we are one!

The only darkness causing confusion, separation, was in our own minds, the light is there all along and always will be, if we just give pause to consider it. For the light is a reflection of the creator, it is the creator and if we sheath ourselves in it we become who we truly are; beings of the light. We become part of the creator, the creator becomes part of us. Weaving and binding ever more tightly until there is no discernable difference, no difference at all.

And this is touching Divinity.

3 thoughts on “Touching Divinity

  1. I don’t remember reading that or it had more meaning and significance for me today. Just the image made my body go cold. I had to read it wrapped in a blanket. Lol.

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