Healing & Change

As the sun rises over the horizon, it’s golden rays spreading light over the land.
As the cock crows signalling the birth of a new day, so to do we arise from our slumbers and greet the dawn with gratitude to have witnessed it yet again.
We stretch, we yawn, we prepare for the day ahead.
We healers prepare for another day of service.

A new dawn

To be in service to each other.
To be in service to others .
To be in Service to Gaia, to Mother Earth.
To be in service to Spirit and to our creator.
For we have a most precious gift, the gift of healing and with it we can rekindle the internal flame of those, battered, bruised and broken by life’s storms.
For we as healers have seen and navigated such storms and bear the scars as reminders.

Healing gift

We welcome with open arms and open hearts, those who require our services.
We offer hope where there is despair,
We offer light where there is darkness,
We offer unconditional love to those whom society has castigated.
We are a reflection of what can be as we represent change.

The change that our world cries out for.
Though it may be slow, appear infinitesimally so, be assured and etch it into the consciousness; Change is coming.
And we as healers and spiritualists must reflect that change as beacons of hope into our society.

Open the doors to change!

We do this because we can.
Because this is why we are alive, here, today, in these times, to be of service, to be the foundations of change to be built upon by those who come after us, those who take up the baton and pass it on to ever increasing people.

Pass it on

For all it takes is a spark to light the torchpaper and then fire of peace, hope and change will spread faster than any virus!

May these words inspire you to ever greater heights of desire, desire to offer a hand to rest of humanity to join us in our ever evolving search to know the spirit and creator within…

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