The seven Densties of Consciousness Pt.3

If you haven’t already, it is highly recommended you read the previous posts in this series.

Part 1 can be found here. Part 2 is here.

A quick recap first. In part one of this series we looked what the term Density means in relation to consciousness, the number of Densities and the lessons to be learned within them in order for spiritual progression. We learned who or what bequeathed this information, who the recipients were and when this took place.

In part two, we examined the first and second Densities, the conditions within them, the level of consciousness within each and how consciousness progresses between the first to the second and from the second to the third Density.

So with that out of the way let’s look at:

THIRD Density

Third Density is the Density of self awareness. This is the Density that we, as Human beings currently find ourselves in at this point in our spiritual evolution. This is the Density in which we become ‘enspirited’. What this means is that because consciousness is self aware in the human experience, it is evolved enough for the spirit or soul aspect to ulitize it.

The human experience

This is why Ra, when taking about entities within the Third Density experience, refers to them as ‘mind/body/ spirit complex’s’. The First Density having the body part, the Second Density adding the Mind part and The Third Density adding the spirit part.

Further Third Density Points

All Higher Densities and the Entities within them remain invisible to all normal Human or third Density senses and equipment.

It’s not that they can’t be perceived, it’s that they choose to remain invisible.

Why is this. Well because of two very important points. This is the only Density in which the spirit or soul aspect goes through the forgetting process or ‘The veil of Forgetfulness’. What this means is that because of the knowledge we have in the higher vibrations, that all are ultimately one with the Creator; we must choose to forget it when incarnating into a physical body or else nothing would be learned. So therefore becoming aware of higher Densities and their entity’s is akin to giving the the game away.

And why is this important because Third Density is the Density of choice. It is the Density of the two paths.

The Choice

Because we as spiritual beings are (or were) largely ignorant of our true spiritual nature we are forced to make a choice. It’s really a choice of polarity. A choice between positive and negative, good or bad, right or wrong and darkness or light.

It’s really a choice of polarity.

So everything that happens to us in this Third Density experience acts upon us as catalyst forcing us to make choices towards one of these paths.

All feelings, emotions and experiences we have and undergo within a lifetime are catalyst acting upon us. Catalyst, whether we perceive it to be positive or negative; should be viewed as opportunities for growth, growth of spirit and consciousness. Even entity’s within higher Densities act upon us via our thoughts & emotions much in the same way we act upon or treat first and second density lifefoms (think animals) with either love and kindness or anger and cruelty.

The choice then defined by our reaction to catalytic actions comes down to a negative outlook thinking only of oneself or in Service to Self (STS); or a positive outlook thinking only of others or Service to Others (STO). Ra states though that one must have spent at least 51% of a lifetime in STO or at least 95% in STS. Unfortunately most of us fall somewhere in between only gathering the necessary polarity through multiple lifetimes, hence reincarnation!

The cycle of reincarnation

This may sound like a strange or even preposterous statement, a negative spiritual progression! How is this even possible? This is because of free will! Ra explains that the point of creation is for the creator to know itself. This is accomplished by giving each of its creations the free will to do as they please; even if that means turning against each other and the creator itself. Ra sums up this in the below quote.

The Law of One blinks neither at the light nor the darkness, but is available for service to others and service to self.

Ra – The Law of one

For more on the nature of the Densities see part one in these series of posts.

To wrap this up I want to make a few points:

  • Catalyst is defined as something which promotes or provides change. Any experience which produces an emotional reaction is a catalytic action.
  • Both the positive and negative path provide the creator opportunities to know itself.

In the next part of these series of posts, I’ll have a bit more detail on the Third Density experience and will also take a look at the progression to 4th Density, what been said about it in our current times and also our history regarding this event.

click here for part 4.

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