The seven Density’s of consciousness Pt.2

If you haven’t already, you should really read pt.1 of these series of posts.. You can do so here.

In part 1 of this series of posts we examined the definition of what a Density actually is and how it relates to spiritual or soul evolution and progression. We provided a framework for the nature of each Density, and the lessons to be understood and embraced. We looked at the ultimate goal or result of this way of explaining creation, and where this information actually came from.

In this second post, I want to take a more in depth look at the nature of each Density or state of Consciousness; and how the Spirit / soul makes the ‘grade’ or progression to a higher Density. What’s important to note here, is that like the Charka system of the body; these seven major Density’s have sub-densities, which have further sub-Density’s. So like rungs in a ladder there are different steps or stages within each major Density.

The Charka system

Before we proceed, I just want to reiterate, that these posts are a simplified explanation of what can be a very challenging series of books and concepts. Ra, being who it is, uses words and phrases in a way that most of us would be unfamiliar with. But due to the importance of what was commicated by Ra; I want to present this material in a way that is hopefully easy to follow and understand. In a way that may, even if you don’t agree with it, penetrate the human ego and mind and touch the spirit within that remembers.

1st Density

This Density is the Density of the Elements. Earth, wind, water & fire. It is the lowest, or most devolved form of consciousness to inhabit the physical universe. Earth, Fire, Air & water. How on earth does this evolve? By the interacting of one element upon another. Air, blows and and spreads fire, fire scorches earth and removes old growth, water extinguishers fire and prompts new growth. Earth halts the spread and absorbs water and so on and so on. In this interaction and ‘learning’ of each other, the elements evolve over billions of years eventually evolving to second Density.

The Elements

2nd Density

This is the Density is everything from a microbe to the most intelligent animals. Consciousness makes the jump from an elemental to a basic physical form such as a microbe or bacteria, to a blade of grass, to a tree to an insect or non-vertebrate such as plankton, jellyfish, squid, fly, worm or spider. Then further evolution from fish and small mammals, to the most intelligent mammals such as dolphins, dogs and large apes such as chimpanzees.

How is evolution obtained within this Density? By the striving towards the light, the leaf and tree grow ever greater when the sun shines. Now here’s the interesting bit. How do second Density Entity’s evolve and incarnate into third density Entity’s? Pets!!!! Adopting an animal as a pet, giving it a name and showing it love and affection gives it a sense of self awareness, of belonging, thereby speeding up its evolution. All dogs go to Heaven anyone? Another form of evolution is the religious worship of various animals by the sending of love to them.

This leads us nicely into Third Density, the density of Human Beings or the density of self Consciousness. As Third Density concerns where we, as humans are now in our evolution, there’ll be a lot to say on it. So it’ll have to be the feature of an entirely new post, it may even have a post of its own depending on what I feel should be explained.

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4 thoughts on “The seven Density’s of consciousness Pt.2

  1. Is it the mission of those that comprise the positive higher density to assist the lower densities in evolving and ascending; as then they too ascend further? If yes, then is it also the honor/duty of us in 3rd to assist those that comprise 2nd and 1st? So then to neglect, for example, the sending of love/light to all of nature as a regular practice is a pretty big miss on the part of humans.
    Oh how we disrespect this planet. On to read more, thank you 🙏🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. Just as well take an interest in a animal and make it a pet, those inner planes masters and higher Density denizens, take a personal interest in some of us .


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