A Medatition. Contact with Confederation Sources.

In meditation, I change the focus from a silent meditation, concentrating only on the music to thoughts of acension. I imagine rising upwards, out of this planet. The energy flows hits me causing my head to jerk upwards. I feel rooted to the spot. I inhale and hold the breath unable to release it. Wave after wave of energy travels up my body causing my vibration to raise higher? Escaping the electromagnetic grid designed to keep us Earthbound & block any cosmic communications, I find myself in the void.

My head droops and I finally exhale. Suddenly I perceive myself within & without a wormhole or vortex . It almost looks organic with flashing, pulsating veins of red, purple, blue and white neon energy. I rush along this wormhole/vortex & I can see it’s ends in a raggedy, funnel shape This reminds me somehow of a part of the human body, like an organ or stomach.

Faster and faster I travel until I exit this wormhole vortex and appear to be alone in the void. At some point, I become aware of presences in the void, presences that are much more evolved than our earthy physical form. They make themselves visible as groups of spherical light; and I perceive myself as an individual light Sphere. A few of these light Spheres break off from each group or cluster and I know that they come to greet me.

Welcome Zenith. ” They communicate telepathically (for that is my name). I understand that these presences or soul groups as we would label them, are vastly ancient according to our perception of time. “Welcome home our brother.” They say.

It’s the way in which I perceive these words, they’re said with a hint of amusement, with the emphasis on ‘Zenith’ & ‘home’. They cause me to think of the human from earth; but I’m not just that anymore, I’m so much more, they know this and used exactly those words knowing the effect it would cause me to have. They’re right, I’m home. It feels like dropping your heavy suitcases after an exhaustive, weary journey, in the comfort that you’re finally home. You can rest easy, in the knowledge that the journey is over.

We greet you, we are of the confederation.” They say.
Yes, I understand who you are & its amazing to be here, home.” I communicate back.
You can’t stay here, is time for you to return.I hear.

I feel pushed back towards the vortex.

No I think, why, why are you doing this? I want to stay. I fight uselessly against the push/pull of the vortex/ wormhole. I desperately try to maintain a link to these Confederation beings, all the while becoming more aware of my own body. Although I’m fully ‘back’ in my body, I’m still trying to maintain this link, trying to remember & not forget this experience. I feel my lips tremble & words almost forming on my mouth.

I still find it amazing that things like this can be experienced in a meditation. I sometimes wonder how it was / is possible to have that happen to me. Going through it, it just happens, you don’t question it. It’s only maybe a few days or weeks later that you start to ask yourself ‘did that really happen?’ Then you realize that it must have happened, as I couldn’t make up what I’ve just described with all the detail and emotions felt during it.

These Confederation entities must be The Confederation In The Service Of The Planets and The One Infinite Creator. From The famous Law Of One and Voices Of The Confederation books channels channeled by the llresearch team.


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