What is a spiritual Awakening?

It occurred to me that although I have written many things on this blog, Spiritual Advice, my own personal spiritual outlook on experienced events and situations; and even messages commicated to me from a ‘higher’ source (see the Seeking section of my blog, I’m still working on who or what the source is). I have never taken the time to explain what a Spiritual Awakening is, how it may happen, or what signs may manifest when it does happen.

Awakening the spirit

Some other time I may write a post with my own take on it, but now, what I would like to do, is introduce a personal friend of mine whose YouTube videos do just that, Patrice Elliott of tirnanogtherapy.co.uk

Before I do just that, what I will say in closing, is that there are a lot of people publishing spiritual blogs and who describe themselves as spiritual oriented people. You may have read some of their posts, I have too. I’ve liked a lot of what I’ve read.

But a lot of spiritual work involves psychology, psychiatry and counseling. For once you start on the path of a spiritual awakening, it will start to ‘remake’ you forcing you to do a lot of ‘inner’ work upon yourself. For how can you develop and use your ‘gifts’ to help others if you are not balanced yourself?

So I think that’s what’s great about not only Patrice Elliot’s videos on Spiritual awakening; but her further work, She has a way of melding spiritual with Mental or Psyche. So without further ado, take it away Patrice!

Ps, be sure to check out the gifts section on her website. She has a few inspirational spiritual prayers/ mantras she’s recently been inspired to write with more to come.

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