The Many Paths

All paths lead back to the one, though they are many and varied. Alike to a multiplicity of tributaries, on a great body of water, flowing ever backward to the source.

The many tributaries or paths

It matters not which path that one chooses to trod, it matters not how long it’s takes an entity to traverse that path. Ultimately reunification with the one is inevitable.

Some will reconize this calling within their hearts, and the more they heed this calling, the more their heart yearns and beats faster.

For they, in their own way reconize the absence of perfection that this unification provides. The same entity’s strive then to seek out ways that will endear and harmonize them to this calling.

Others may tarry along other paths, unaware and deaf to the sweet melody spun by the calling of the one. The same melody that would lead them not by the hearing or the seeing, but by the feeling that flows from the heart centre.

They stop frequently along their path and sometimes they do listen, they feel their heart plucked akin to the strings on a harp, but all too infrequently, for they mistrust such caresses, dismissing the emotions experienced.

Still others walk backwards along their path, in a vain attempt to reverse the ever flowing current of creation. Such ones have fingers in their ears, hands over their eyes; they babel over and over and make nonsensical nonsense with their vocal chords.

They have made themselves deaf and dumb, have hardened their hearts and play a game of denial when the melody of the creator taps them upon their shoulders.

But the creator, ever knowing just smiles at this petulance, for in time all things must consider the light, all must come home. For the promise of a warm bed, a hot meal and a loving embrace becomes irresistible to those alone, outside in the cold.

For it was, and always will be, inevitable….

WRITTEN in the year
Of our lord

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