Seeking 8 22/01/20

Many of you in your illusion believe that self flagellation is the way to the creator, that the creator can be found by a series of self punishments. By excising all unwanted thought and emotion from one’s being that one may become a ‘good person’ and thereby please the creator..

Friends, we are here to tell you not that nothing could be further from the truth. An entity will be what an entity will be, what was will be and what will be, was already chosen before the incarnation process.

Each and every experience allows the creator to know itself better, and so there truely are no wrong thoughts, emotions and experiences, only what an individualized portion of the creator had decided upon for its understand of the whole in its fullest potential.
It is simply your illusion in your present third density that gives rise to misguided thinking such as this.

But at this time, your entire earth moves into a higher awareness, a new planetary vibration where many things will fall away, old beliefs will be discarded, clarity will be the order of the day; many things will be understood, the fog of confusion will dissapate and knowledge of many things will be granted to those who desire answers.

My friends, I tell you this, truely are you blessed to be alive at this time upon your planet, to witness such a spectacular event as the growing up into maturity of your earth sphere. Friends, this is WHY you are alive, in a human body at this time, in order to assist an undertaking such as this one.

You in each of your own ways must remember through the fog of confusion that you came here to serve in midwifery the birth of a new era for humankind. You must shine your light so bright, so that others who grope around in the darkness; can’t help but notice, the illumination that dispels the ambiguity of their lives.

For the light truely shows the path that must be cleaved to, if one wishes to progress along the spiritual path. Let there be no self flagellation​, no demoralisation, no acceptance of seperation. You in your group here tonight accept the teachings of others who reconize these truths, for is it not said that you might recognise the Brotherhood Of Man?

One is all and all is one, a brotherhood of like minded entities all striving for a common purpose, a unified purpose. Working together whether they know it or not, to achieve a common goal, the mass AWAKENING OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS.

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