The Seven Densities of Consciousness Pt.1

  • Seven colours of the rainbows.
  • Seven days of the week
  • Seven dwarfs.
  • Seven deadly sins
  • Seven brides for seven brothers ( film).
  • Seventh Heaven.
  • Seven levels of hell.
  • Seven grades of primary school.
  • Seven days of creation (3 Abrahamic religions).
  • seven energy centers or charkas in the body.
  • lucky number seven.
  • seven years bad luck ( breaking a mirror).
  • seven stars in the Big Dipper constellation.
  • seven continents.
  • seven branched candelabra menorah ( Judaism).
  • seven seals (Christianity).
  • Seven Valleys (The Bahá’i Faith).
  • Seven days the Buddha’s mother, Maya was alive after his birth.
  • Seven notes on a musical scale.
  • Seven wonders of the world.
  • Seven year itch.
  • seven doors to Heaven & Hell (Islam).
  • seven rounds with the holy fire (Hinduism).

Why is the number seven so prevlant throughout our culture, religions and way of life? What makes the number seven so special? Furthermore why do most religions speak of reincarnation? What is the ultimate purpose of it? And how are these two linked.

In these series of posts, I’ll attempt to explain the above and by doing so, shed a light on soul/spirit progression and the nature of creation itself. In doing so I’ll be using what has been communicated to us by channeled higher Dimensional entities; most specifically, though, the Ra entity who communicated The Law Of One, which were turned into books of the same name.

In these channeled sessions from the 1980’s, Ra communicated The Law Of One to a team of Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarthy. Ra defines this ‘Law Of One’ as:

“The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.”

The Law Of One 4:20

Ra first visited our planet over 11,000 years ago during the reign of the Egyptians and is the same Ra which the Egyptians worshiped as a god. During its time visiting our planet, it taught the Law Of One along with concepts such as the tarot, the concept of polarity, the nature of the spirit world, the archtypical mind, Charkas, healing, magic and many other things. Ra also helped create and build the pyramids . Unfortunately over time, it’s teachings became ‘distorted’ or corrupted and were kept for the sole preserve of the priesthood and elite (suprise, suprise); and so it felt a responsibility to kind of hang around looking for suitable group to recomnunicate it too.

Ala, the three members of llresearch. Ra describes itself as a ‘sixth Density Social Memory Complex’ which in our terms is a group of entity’s upon a planet who have all polarized in the same orientation, ie. Either towards positive with love and peace with each other, or negative with hate and fear of each other. At this point all entities merge Consciousness to begin the formation of a Social Memory Complex or group soul.

Now creation as explained by Ra, is relayed as being a series of ‘Densities’. A Density can be described as notes on a musical scale, an octave of eight, when after the seventh has been reached, a new octave begins. An octave being a new universe. defines an octave as:

Octave, in music, an interval whose higher note has a sound-wave frequency of vibration twice that of its lower note

A Density is a viratory state of consciousness, the higher the vibration, the higher the state of consciousness and or Density. When something is very dense, it’s solid, compact, compressed. The higher the density then, the less dense an entity becomes. It would be more open, uncompressed, lighter. A person who is described as being dense, is thought of as dumb, unaware, the opposite of that is intelligent, having more awareness. So the difference between states of being or Densities is the level of consciousness an entity has, therefore having more awareness of the reality of creation.

Another way of simplifying this is to think in terms of primary or elementary school. The term numbers seven and unless you pass your end of year tests, you don’t get to progress to the next grade or year. Another facet of this understand is to use the analogy of a game character. When your character progresses throughout the game, it progresses to new ‘levels‘, and in doing so, ‘levels up’. Gaining new abilities and a longer life span. So as we progress within ‘the game‘, we no longer ‘die‘ as quickly, and ‘regenerate‘ either.

Now these explanations appear to be too simplistic to explain something of the magnitude of creation itself, but trust me it is wonderfully simple to grasp. It’s when you start examining it further, that you begin to understand how involved, complicated and the depth into which it goes into.

I want to keep this relatively simple here, because as I said you could get REALLY!!!! in depth here and way too technical; so I think the best way is to keep it simple enough so that everybody can get a grasp on the concepts . If anyone wants to look more in depth at these concepts, then I’ll point them in the right direction and/ or perhaps I’ll do another one or more posts taking these concepts further. But be warned, these books are not easy to read. As the entity Ra is so far beyond our own current evolution, the language and phrases it uses can be very challenging. I have read the books twice now and have made use of lots of extra resources dealing with this material; and yet I have still found myself reading passages twice and three times over, just to grasp the concept of what is being explained.

So as explained a density, is a higher Vibration. What is a Vibration? Well everything in existence virbrates at a certain frequency, everything is in motion. The higher the rate of vibration, the more evolved an entity is. Think of a tuning fork, it vibrates and emits a tone. The tone is at a certain frequency. This is visible and audible to us. But we also know that there are certain frequencies that we can’t perceive with our senses. A very basic example is a dog’s whistle ( no not that type of dog whistle!).

Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates”

(The third Hermetic Principle)

The Kybalion

Think of a TV signal or wifi, we can’t see or hear them, but we know they exist as we can watch programs on our televisions and we can surf the net wirelessly. So as our consciousness expands, our soul or spirit evolves and we incarnate into a higher density and vibrational experience. Let’s take a look at the different types of Densitys below:

1st Density:, Air earth, water, fire (atomic body) Density of survival

2nd Density: All plant life inc trees up to animals ( chemical body) . Density of awareness and ego.

3rd Density: Humans (chemical body) Density of self awareness & choice ie: positive or negative. Spirit or soul enters the human entity. Further Densities are understanding and refining that choice.

4th Density positive/negative: Density of unconditional love. Love of others or love of self ( chemical + light body). Formation of social memory complex or soul group.

5th Density positive / negative: Love tempered by wisdom. (Light body).

6th Density: Understanding light/ love & love/light. ( Light body) Negative path cannot progress past this point.

7th Density: Spent in contemplation of the All / Creator / Source (light body). The higher self is created as a gift and guide to all lower density selves.

8th Density: Reunification with the Creator/ALL/Source/God and the beginning of a new octave of experience (universe)

So by understanding this way of how creation functions and the different stages of consciousness, we can bring to understand why the number seven features so much in our cultural makeup and feature prominently in most religions.

In part two, I’ll discuss the nature of the different densities, the nature of evolution between each and what we know of the timelines of each.

End of part 1.

Click here for part two in this series

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  1. Seriously though, I know there’s other work out there on the same topic, but what I’m trying to do is break it down to a level we can all understand.


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