Powerful barefoot meditation 08/19

I’m doing a barefoot medatition. I’m standing in a field ready to meditate but sungazing first. For anyone who doesn’t know what sungazing is, read my post on the sun first.

Disclaimer: This isn’t me

I’m trying to raise the Kundalini energy and unblock the Pineal Gland by connecting directly with the Earth. There doesn’t appear to be to much happening for a while, but I persevere with the meditation. I imagine my feet as roots, expanding and going deep, down into the ground. I grow branches. I feel the energy start to rise. First as a tingle in my feet, then in my shins, lower legs and thighs. Wave after wave of energy, with each surge stronger than the last.

Raising the energy

Upwards I draw the energy through the red energy Centre (root Charka) as I feel a stirring in my groin. The orange and yellow energy centers (Sacral and Solar Plexus) are next; I feel a knot in my stomach and a tightness in between my ribs as the serpent energy passes though each. I feel my heart beating and ready to burst as the energy passes through the green energy Centre or Heart Charka. A lump in my throat let’s me know that I managed to raise this Kundalini energy up to the blue energy Centre or Throat Charka.

When it hits the indigo energy Centre, the Third Eye Charka, then it’s reached the Pineal Gland and it’s BAM! I just been shot with a surge of energy that hits like a bullet, causing my head to roll back. It’s such a powerful feeling. The energy drawn up, meets the energy drawn downwards. I’m impaled with a pure energy spike that leaves me fully balanced.

I think about polarization, growth, always seeking to improve spiritually. My vibration rises, ascending until I leave this Physical plane behind. I become one with the earth. I’m pulling it with my feet which are now merged within it, I’m trying, in my own way to raise the entire planetary Vibration, to speed up the process of the incoming new state of consciousness or 4th Density.

Fusion, connected to the Earth

I imagine the Earth as the goddess, just needing that little bit of extra help, but she/ it needs more than me, so I imagine there’s others like me attempting the same thing. We are all acting in unison, there is no separation and we all look alike. But my vibration keeps rising the more I attempt this and now my focus changes to penetration of the veil. The veil of forgetfulness that separates the physical world, and all other higher states of existence including the realm of spirit.

Acting in unison

I imagine I am successful at this, and I receive a deep understanding and knowing that I am the Godhead, the Creator, the Godhead or Creator is me! There’s no contradiction between the two statements, everything is unified. I remember knowing this at the time of the experience and feeling it to be true. I am FAR from this singular entity or human incarnation that I experience at this time.

I am my own creator

I created this planet so that I may experience life upon it. This statement resonates within me. But I also have the realisation and understanding that it’s not just me; every other person is the Godhead/Creator, part of the Godhead/Creator and also created this planet to experience life/ lives upon it.

When I open my eyes and look around me, what I can see around me looks different in a way I can’t describe. Everything is that same but somehow different. Even though the meditation has ended, the knowing and the feelings are still there, still the same. I strive to hold this heightened state of perception or consciousness; but have the realization that my vibration is slowly spiraling down into this limited, physical, 3rd Density awareness.

I feel blessed to have been given that understanding, that remembrance. I wonder did I truly pierce the veil somewhat? Was I vibrating in a higher density? Did my higher self create that memory or opportunity? I’m unsure but it’s a gentle, feather-like fall back into this physical awareness. What a beautiful experience, one I hope to repeat.


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