Twin Peaks & Me Part 2

If you haven’t already, please read part one of this post first.

The limited series of Twin Peaks had far more in common with the with The Twin Peaks movie: Fire Walk With Me then it did with the original television series, in that it was very bleak, unsettling, full of unexplained events and left you with more questions then it revealed answers .

I might admit that for the first few episodes I had to go online and read a breakdown of what was going on. But by the time of that crazy 8th episode, I forced myself to break it down myself & found I was able to Intuit much of that and the remaining episodes using my perception of ‘the truth’ of reality.

The search for the zone
(Click carefully around this site to reveal hidden stuff)

Since then many of the things that were discussed in both the series, movie and books, have appeared to be confirmed from different sources & different media so much so that it is undeniable to me. I guess the point is that if this one television series can educate an inspire this conversion, how much more media is out there with ‘the truth hidden and encoded within it?

A perfect example of this would be the Matrix movies that I already mentioned. The message in those movies (especially the first one), is so obvious that they may as well say ‘based on real life events’! There is so much else going on in those Matrix movies that it would warrant a write up of its own.

How’s about the Beach Boys – good vibrations “I’m picking up good vibrations” where did the Inspiration for that line come from?

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

The nursery rhyme that says row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream – go with the flow in life it’s much easier. (This guy’s got it)

“We live inside a dream.” Said Philip Jefferies in those twin peaks videos. This reality is an illusion!!

Or how about the phrase ‘suck it up’. In a meditation exercise for creating Kundalini energy; we breathe in energy and imagine (or feel) the energy moving up (or being sucked up) through each energy centre (charka). A friend gave me the Inspiration for that one. There must be countless examples of this throughout history. I know that I’ve Intuited a few more. From my own research, I know that certain universal information is released in the form of movies or books.

Sometimes certain secrets are made public in a movie format, so that if a whistleblower speaks out they are immediately discredited as having got their information from the aforementioned movie.
Benevolent sources usually use thought pattern or telepathy to put an idea into an individual’s consciousness. When you communicate with spirit, this is how it’s done (this is why mediumship can be so tricky as most of the time the thought patterns appear as your own). Think of the likes of Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla or Carl Jung. They were given their information from higher beings in order to help advance humanity .

I recently watched Captain Marvel & noted at least seven or eight points in which information was being disclosed in the form of this movie plot. This was an example of a movie being used for positive purposes.
No doubt you have your own examples or suspicions but it appears that we are fast asleep on a ever revolving conveyor belt unaware of our true nature; and that we are being prodded to wake up to reality and to get off the conveyor belt altogether before it’s too late.

When I think of my own experiences, I look back to twenty or more years ago. I dusted off some old books I had. Books on tarot, self hypnosis, ritual magic, the devil explained and world mythologies. A decade or so later I was downloading ebooks on: out of body experiences (OBBE), astral projection, lucid dreaming, telepathy, telekinesis, mind control, the book of Enoch, the dead sea Scrolls, The word, by Budda, the Quran, Alan Watts on zen, kundali awakening exercises, natural disease prevention & treatment, yoga, natural herb use, cannabis use in health issues and everything in-between; literally over three hundred books!!!

The point is the calling was always there. Even in my early childhood, the books that I read over & over tended to be one’s that contained tales of hidden worlds in nature, animals or objects interacting within the human world. Until the present day where I realise that what I’m perceiving (seeing) as spirits/ extra dimensionals/ thought forms ( call them what you will, I’m not sure what they are) are the same things I perceived all those years ago. But back then I didn’t understand what it was, I just assumed everyone could see them.

And so with that lack of understanding, you grow up & get a job, have a family interact and try to blend in with ‘ordinary people’ and shut down that ‘fantasy’ world. You no longer experience anything, until one day you get a mighty wallop in the form of an awakening and it’s through this that your life begins to make sense. Why you always felt different from other people, always on the outside. Now the present day had brought me back full circle to subjects I once thought long abandoned & abilities I thought were extremely rare if at all real. That’s how far I’d buried myself in this physical reality, immersed myself & convinced myself that this hum-drum life or existence was all there was to offer.

It was a complete shock to find this ‘hidden world’ existing right under your very nose. I was buried that deep that I’d become an atheist!
Thankfully I’ve awakened from the illusion or dream and have an understanding of reality’ that is true to me in my current stage of spiritual evolution. My understanding of reality leads me to ponder whether the messages, inspiration & knowledge I receive comes directly from Spirit or is a form of channelling with higher dimensional entities or both.

To wrap this up, I must again state that you are very welcome to reject some or all of what I have stated here, my truth may not be your truth etc. I never meant for this to get so personal, but it’s the way it unfolded, so it was probably meant to be that way. As those of the Ra group have stated “there are no accidents”.

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