Twin Peaks & Me Part 1

The clip that I posted was one of my, or perhaps my favourite television series, Twin Peaks. I have been fascinated by it for the past 20+ years. Long before I became spiritual.  The themes and subject matter dealt within it stuck a chord with me. I often wondered how something that was fictional could feel life-like or perhaps contain some truth in it. Where did the creator/s get the Inspiration from? Where did the idea/s come from? How could you imagine such things? Could it possibly be true on some level?

Its only now many years later, looking at the themes from a spiritual perspective that I understand that a large part of the subject matter was based on truth. Now when I say ‘truth’, I understand that ‘the truth’ is subjective! My truth may not necessarily be your truth, what resonates for me, might not resonate for you or perhaps, not at this point in time (and vice versa).

This truth that speaks to me is especially true for the recently released limited series, described by the director as having the filters removed. This is also true for the accompanying book  ‘The Secret History Of Twin Peaks’ released before the limited series. This was a book that tied in many real life events, people & places not to mention events & situations that have & still are occurring on our planet right now.

At the time of reading this book, I was more than a little miffed. I wondered what on earth has any of this stuff got to do with Twin Peaks? You (the author) are using the medium (excuse the pun) of Twin Peaks to get your own beliefs and fantasies across. You have ruined the book!! Native American Indians, western Pioneer’s, UFOs, projects paperclip & bluebook, past president’s, Bigfoot, & strange encounters, secret societies, a war between the Freemasons & the Illuminati. All tied into Twin Peaks!

I remember reading so many positive reviews of the book and thinking all these people are deluded, can they not see that this stuff has no place in the world of Twin Peaks! He’s even got the some facts about Twin Peaks wrong! What? It was done on purpose? Why? Oh you’ll have to read the follow-up book that will be released after the limited series… No! I don’t buy that, it’s just a marketing ploy to buy his other book which will be rubbish as well. And with that I left a negative review on some website.

Now fast forward a few years, you’ve had a spiritual awakening, you’ve become a seeker. The truth, like peeling the layers of an onion apart; has been uncovered & presented to you. At some time the book comes up. You look at it again with different eyes. Oh, how little did I know then! The writer was using the medium of Twin Peaks to get ‘the truth’ of our world out & all the reviewers knew this! How did I not know this?

I’m reminded of that scene in the Matrix movie when Neo asks the Oracle about a lack of understanding. She points to a sign above the door which reads ‘Temet Nosce’ – ‘thine own self thou must know’. Basically, he wasn’t ready for the truth yet and I was the same, I may have been awakened, but I wasn’t ready for the truth yet.

Again to clarify, I’m not starting that everything that happens in this series or book rings true, just that there are certain themes & ideas that call to me. I believe we are truly multi-dimension spiritual beings and what we think we know about our reality & spiritually is mearly the tip of the iceberg. There is so, so much more going on that we can barely comprehend, that we only get fleeting glimpses into, or is given to us in terms that we can only understand in our own limited intelligence.

But once one becomes a seeker in truth then, one is seeking a return to the creator and therefore certain truths have to be revealed to the seeker along the way. This is that way that it has to work, it is universal law. The information you seek is already out there, & when you’re ready it will be revealed to you, but you must seek!

Consider this, a dear friend of mine always intimated to me that he often ruminated on why he, had the ability to communicate with spirits. An ordinary, salt of the earth, bloke that you wouldn’t think twice about if you passed him in the street. He asked spirit, “why ME?” The answer he always got was “why  NOT you?”

Now imagine the goosebumps I got when watching a particular episode of the new series of Twin Peaks. A conversation between two characters  in which one explains how he came about his ability or power. Upon being granted this ability by an otherworldly entity (called the Fireman) he asks why? Why give this ability to an ordinary, run of the mill bloke from England? In short ‘Why ME?’ And the answer he received from The Fireman was, ‘why NOT you?’

I showed it to my friend & he was speechless to say the least. Have you ever had an experience like this? I know I have and it does leave you speechless, unable to move, unable to think or process any information for what seems like a lifetime. It’s a very powerful & life changing experience.

Think of the implications of this. He had been asking this question & recieving the same answer ( if I have this right ) many, many years ago. Now a television series is released in which a character has an ability (like my friend, a medium), who describes himself in way similar to my friend and comes out with almost IDENTICAL choice of words that my friend used many years ago!

Freddie explains his green glove

The Synchronicity here is off the charts!!! Did spirit know all those years ago that a television series would be created & with such a character who had these experiences & used this dialogue??? Its mind boggling to consider!!!

End of part 1….

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