Seeking 7 19/11/19

We know that many of you on the planet at this time, have some dissatisfaction at this time in your daily lives, at your lot in life shall we say. That every morning, many of you have a loathing for arising to complete your daily chores, that you feel stuck in a cycle of repetition. This we cannot help you with at this time, other than to offer some advice.

Creation abounds around you, it has a myriad of forms and surprises. It has dazzling colours and exquisite sounds, ample tastes. Everything that you need already exists around you friends, it is your dissatisfaction with the man-made world that gnaws at your being. You crave for an alternative experience that not is to be found within your artificiality constructed environment.

My advice to you at this time friends, is seek ye not the gaudy baubles of materialism, for that way brings no lasting satisfaction. Instead be like the child that rises each day in wonderment and eagerness. Ready for each new unknown experience that lies ahead. Be like the child, that counts down that days to a birthday, or to one of your festive periods. Knowing in anticipation that when the time comes, the day will be one of celebration and of gift sharing. This friends, is the lost child that each of you must rediscover within you.

Awaken each day with a sense of eagerness, eagerness for the mystery of the unknown experience of the day ahead. Revel in each encounter and event that awaits you. Marvel at the uniqueness of each individual you meet. Marvel at each flaw and inherent basis, whilst knowing that these individuals are as much a part of the creator as you too are.

Stop and take a look around you. Look at the natural world, consider how everything, every plant and animal species co-depend upon one another. Everything is in balance. Flowers become polinated through the activity of bees. Bees create honey which is a wonderful food source for animals & humans. Elephants break tree branches and strip them of leaves.

A harmful activity at first glance, but consider that their waste provides food for a number of smaller mammals and also provides idyllic conditions for undigested seeds to germinate thereby starting the cycle of life over again. In a manner of speaking, this is the cycle of reincarnation: birth, death and rebirth.

And so creation in its wholeness is to be marveled, from the mircocosm to the macrocosm. As the entity known as Jesus stated, “happy are those who are called to his supper.” If one cleaves to this path, then like the child who receives their gifts, the gift of progression or ascension will have been attained.

“You should study not only that you become a mother when your child is born, but also that you become a child.”
– Dogen Zenji

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