Seeking 6 10/11/19

What have you done today? How have you ulitilized your time today? Was any of it spent in contemplation or meditation of your origins? Of the creator of all? How many hours or even minutes have your thought processes been turned toward contemplation of the creator?

If what we are here to do in this life is learn lessons of love and understanding, and the way to do this is by meditation and contemplation; then surely these acts become the most important activities that we can do. But instead we busy ourselves with distractions and convince ourselves that we have no time to make for our meditations and our contemplations. If only, we say to ourselves, I did not have so many things occupying my time, I would have more time to spend in meditations.

But my friends, these things that occupy your time are trivial, earthly things and the more that you apply your focus to them, then the more you begin to fall deeper within the illusion that you so badly wish to escape from. The more narrower your thinking becomes, the more you lose your connection to all who would seek to aid you at this time.

Ask yourself this friends, just how important are the events and situations that you believe you must accomplish before you can begin to seek within? Can they not wait? Give pause for a minute and ponder this question. Should your current situation not be reversed? Should your meditations and contemplations not become the most important part of your daily routine. If you truly wish to progress spiritually within this lifetime and to recieve the experiences and answers that you long for, should these activities not become as essential as your eating and sleeping?

We find that so many of you on your planet at this time have turned their focus away from seeking the creator. They have buried themselves within the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives; some devoting themselves to the physical, some to the technological.

Whilst it is appropriate to take care of one’s physical body or to challenge one’s mind with technological innovations; it is unhelpful to have either of these as one’s focus as the other can get neglected. Similarity having both as the loci of the individual still neglects one vital aspect, that is the spirit, or as some of you may deem the soul.

Either term may describe the energetic life force that defines one’s actuality. Nourishment for the mind and body are meaningless unless the spirit is catered for too. How is this achieved? We run the risk of repeating the same information, but still we must express it in order to have humankind fully comprehend it. It is through the seeking, through the mediation and through the contemplation of the great mystery of the creator within.

Do you not wish to better yourselves, to become more evolved? To understand your true potential or to further develop existing attributes? Then go within friends. For when the inner world changes, then so must your perception of the outer world too.

What we find at this time, is that many of you confine your awareness of reality to smaller and smaller technological devices and in doing so you dramatically reduce your awareness, your perception of the known world. You cause the thing you seek to avoid, seperation. Seperation from yourself, seperation from others and seperation from the creator.

To give no thought to the stranger in the street who needs directions, to the homeless person who simply wants to be acknowledged or to the elderly who requires aid? These are old, well written worn examples, but examples that are as relevant today as they were when they were first concieved.

These situations and countless more like them are opportunities for you to perform service. For it is through service to others that one may ascend along the positive path. Those who think only of themselves, those who have no time for their fellow man choose the negative path. But that way friend’s is full of hardship, misery and a darkening of the eternal light of the creator.

It is through meditation and the inner work on oneself that the inner light of one’s being begins to shine brighter; but always asking the question, how can I achieve more growth? How can I be of greater service to my fellow people? What qualities do I possess that I can offer in service?

It is by following these simple tasks and constantly asking these questions of oneself that the spiritual path begins to open up. Opportunities arise and should be grasped. For when the service is fulfilled, one may see the effect ofhe fulfilling service has had on another. This should give must gladness and contentment to the one who has dedicated their life to service, causing a chain reaction like a stack of Domino’s falling; of wishing to replicate the emotions felt and expressed by seeking out ever more opportunities to perform service.

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