Universe inside you Meditation

Imagine you are alone, in a field or atop a mountain or wherever. You are looking at the sun, a great deep yellow sphere in the sky. Your arms are outstretched reaching for it. Your perspective changes & you are looking at yourself with your arms outstretched reaching for the sun. It looks as if the sun is in between your hands.

You watch as you start to pull the sun down from the sky to your body. Closer & closer it comes to your body & closer & closer are you drawn with it. It grows smaller & smaller as you grow larger & larger (your body). You watch as the sun slowly enters your body & with it, you too get drawn into your own body. For a few moments you can see nothing but darkness, then, an infinite number of pinprick lights.

You start to speed up, faster & faster until you exceed the speed of light. The pinpricks of light become individual galaxies and you start to zoom past these as you hone in on one particular galaxy. Your home galaxy, the milky way. Slowly allowing yourself to slow down, you can make out individual solar systems, each with one central sun & a variety of circling planets. Slowing down further now, you realise that you are honing in on one particular solar system.

You can make out the discinct features of Saturn’s rings & Jupiter’s swirling clouds & giant red spot as you hurtle past them. A tiny red speck is all you can perceive of Mars until less then a minute later it becomes planet size & is also quickly left behind. Even at this distance our sun, Sol is a enormous fiery giant, it’s brightness so intense, it hard to look at. You see the moon come into focus as you feel yourself decelerate then, the earth itself comes into view.

The green & blue planet comes closer & more massive as you draw nearer & nearer. Continents begin to form as you enter the upper atmosphere; then slowly pierce the cloud layer. You lock your targets on the piece of the world that you reside in, then start spiraling downwards. You see cities, mountain ranges & lakes. Then no more as the ground rapidly approaches.

You perceive a tiny figure alone below you and as you decelerate further; the figure becomes larger & larger until you recognize that it is you. You are holding the sun in your outstretched arms drawing it closer to your body. You too draw closer & closer & the entire process repeats itself again. Again & again and again & again each experience compressed into a few seconds, an infinite number of times. Until STOP!

There is only you and the realisation that the entire universe exists inside you just as you exist inside the universe. Just as you exist inside creation, creation exists inside you. Just as you are a creation of the creator, you are the creator. Every single living thing is part of creation & the creator, there it’s nothing separate from the creator, there is only unity in all things. There are no thoughts, no actions, no animal or plant life, no speck of dirt or atom, nothing that is not the creator or within the creator.

Universe inside you! This came out of a medatition I had, it was a very powerful experience and it was accompanied by most of the narrative above.

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