Seeking 5 16/10/19

How can we, with our limited, human perspective comprehend infinity, the infinite might & power of the creator itself? How could we EVER hope to comprehend and realize this truth??

And yet we can, it is available to us through the most simplest of avenue’s possible. It is through our feelings, or emotions and our inward seeking. These techniques are available to ALL whether we choose to utilize them or not. Think friends, why would the creator choose to make the knowing of itself a chore, a hard task, a technique only available to those with the physical or mental prowess needed.

No my friends, the way is completely without effort, it is natural, for is the creator not to be found within nature? This is why my friends that when you are in alone in nature, you are closer to the creator, your very essence is greatly expanded. Consider this, seek out a hill or mountain top that overlooks a town or city. Sit there a while absorbing the sights, sounds & smells.

After a while turn your back upon it, and for a while absorb the same senses of the natural world around you. Can you FEEL the difference. Do you not feel so much more alive, expanded and free in nature? When you look down upon the human world and imagine descending into it; do you not feel boxed in, Claustrophobic, trapped even?

This is because this is the man-made world, transient, impermanent, full of separation & unnatural. So, so many people are fast asleep within the illusion, unaware of the creator, of the nature of unity & in some cases unwilling to wake from the dream. And yet this is the world, we choose to incarnate into, we choose to be, lightworkers & Wanderer’s, of Service in whichever and however we can be too the rest of humanity.

“Harmonizing opposites by going back to their source is the distinctive quality of the Zen attitude, the Middle Way: embracing contradictions, making a synthesis of them, achieving balance.”-

Taisen Deshimaru

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