It’s about 7 am and I’m lying in bed half asleep, half awake (twilight). I Was imagining that I was off world, traveling across an unknown land mass. I glided in the air with wing extensions like a manta ray. I landed on a rock or Cliff face with openings that’s seemed to be designed for my shape. The dwellings below me were deserted. I got a sense that everywhere on this planet was deserted.

Gliding Manta Ray

When I crossed the land I changed, or was able to change into a lupine form. My humanoid form was dressed in tight raggedy clothes & probably a mask with a visor or eye lenses.


Now I find myself, above this planet,
There were levels I had to go though or ascend before I go to this point, but I can’t remember what they were. At some point, I reach my destination. It seems to be a rectangular room with no walls or ceilings. There are white cushions or pillows on the long settees. There is something is something in the middle of this space, a plant or a table. But there are​ three beings seated at the end of this space or at the corners. I felt that the remaining corner was mine or belonged to me.

These beings were in human form but dressed oddly. They were conversing & I believe they could observe events on earth. They could have been discussing me. They noticed me and stated “he’s aware of us & of himself now.” I got the impression that I was connected to them, I was one of them, my true self that is.

I became aware then that I was in a physical body, my body and that my awareness was rapidly shrinking into this physical experience, before the experience ended. I was reading about something similar in a regressive therapy session on Dolores Canon’s website. A girl undergoing this therapy remembered being a human, but at the same time observing the earth as an advanced being on a spacecraft, in two places at once.

It made me wonder about my own experience Was this a past life? Was it occurring now? Did I chose to have a human experience, but really belong with the three others in that room? Who knows? Most of these experiences happen in a state between dreaming and wakefulness (twilight).

It seems that the mind is relaxed enough to allow the experience to take place, but alert enough to understand you are not dreaming. I guess it’s like a cross between a Lucid Dream and an Out Of Body Experience.

Astral travel

These types of experiences can be had during deep or profound meditation as well, again it’s the state of mind one achieves or the type of brainwaves you produce Below is a link on medatition and brainwaves.


Anyone who wants to read the regressive therapy transcript session, check out the Multidimensional Humans post on the qhhtofficial.com website or click on the direct link below.


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