The sun, it’s importance & true nature

Close representative of original thought image.

Hold an image of the sun in your head I was told. When I wondered why, it lead me down a merry path. Well obviously the sun’s importance cannot be understated. It provides light, heat and by the process of photosynthesis, allows organisms to grow. But using what we know about the sun’s effect upon plant life and applying that to humans, a number of people have taken up ‘sun gazing’. I’ve been sun gazing for some months myself now and truely believe it has a number of benefits. Anyone who wants to know more about this ancient practice and it’s benefits, check out the link).

Or the trailer for the below documentary .

Now where I live, we don’t get a lot of sun, so I have to take in the sun’s rays whenever and whatever time I’m able to. I’m at a point now where I don’t even use sunglasses or the sun visor in my car as the rays don’t bother me. Also given the importance of the sun (on which I’ll explain), why would I chose to block out the sun? Of course that does not mean we can ignore the science on prolonged exposure to the sun and simply stare into it at peak times. But there is much more going on here then on a purely physical level.

Sun gazing at dawn

As I said, we don’t get a great deal of sun here where I live, so could holding an image of the sun in your head produce the same or similar effects to physically experiencing it? I believe so, in much the same way that looking at a certain image or scene can produce different emotions. A distasteful or grotesque image can produce a feeling or emotion of disgust; and a pleasant or beautiful image can produce feelings and emotions of upliftment.

So visualizing what you consider to be an image of a perfect sun; and perhaps imagining the heat from it upon your face, can provide relaxation, peacefulness and contentment.

Additionally, if the presence of the sun boosts seratonin & melatonin (which gives us our ‘happiness’ hormones), could not the above practice provide similar benefits? Furthermore, it is through the Pineal Gland that this process takes place. The Pineal Gland in spiritual and esoteric practices not to mention ancient cultures, considered this gland to be the seat of the soul and the third eye.

This is the inner eye, the eye that sees beyond the physical and is connected to a persons psychic abilities. Sun gazing can help unblock and de-calcify this gland (calcification is caused by the ingestion of flouride) thereby helping one open up to their potential psychic abilities. So again could holding an image of the sun in your mind produce similar results?

The third eye

Holding an image of the sun in your mind is like keeping your attention fixed upon the one thing. Yes we can potentially hold anything in mind; but in certain meditative practices used in spiritual and esoteric work some images are more useful than most. Examples other than the sun could be a candle light, a rose, white light or a holy object. This process allows you to block out any other distracting thoughts, enabling you to get the most from your meditation. It also has the benefit of negating negative thoughts as you are forced to keep your focus upon one thing.

Today we have people who we label as ‘sun worshippers’. People who can’t get enough sun, who spend as much time in the sun, getting ‘bronzed’ as possible. But this label was used in a very different context long ago. Ancient cultures and tribes worshipped the sun as their deity, as their God. Nowadays, in our enlightened times we mock those peoples superstitious beliefs. We ‘know‘ that the sun is merely a gaseous sphere of physical nuclear energy. Or is it?

solar burn

If we consider ourselves and believe that we are more than this physical body, this physical shell, that we possess, or are, in actuality an eternal energy body or soul; and that the planet we inhabit possesses a life force of its own as we name it Gaia, Mother Earth, The Goddess; then surely it follows suit that the sun itself has a life force too. I know that I personally have visualised phenomenon on a psychic level when looking at the sun.

In some works of channelings, it is stated that each sun in each solar system are known as sub-creators or sub-logos of each Galactic sun or Galactic logos .The idea that each Galactic logos or sub is responsible for their portion of the universe or creation making them a Galactic creator. They then create the sub-logos or sub-creators which are in turn responsible for creating everything in their individual solar systems.

Our Logos or Galactic sun

So our own sun is responsible for creating our planets and creating life upon then as a sub-logos which means that we are sub-sub-logos as we are creations of our sub-logos or sun. This is a simplified form of a large body of work, but it gives an idea of the importance of the sun and the heirarchary (if you like) of the creation of celestial bodies.

Or sun or sub-logos

Incidentally enough, this is why we have heard of The Law Of Attraction and why so many people try to utilize it. If we are sub-sub-logos, then we are sub-sub-creator’s or co-creators within our right. So why haven’t we had more success in ulitilizing it?

I’m my opinion it’s because of two things. 1. There’s still a lot we don’t know or can’t grasp about this universal law yet. 2. Our dense, chemical, carbon based bodies make it difficult to use higher frequency energies for this as well as other abilities.

But consider what’s been explained here. We are sub-sub-logis of our sub-logos of our Galactic Logos. Then if each galaxy has a Galactic Logos with a similar arrangement and all these galaxies are within one universe created by the true creator itself; does that mean that we are not creations of the true creator after all?

Consider the word Logos. Translated from Greek it can mean “word”, “reason” or “plan”. It was used in a creational sense as in the divine “word” the divine “plan.”

so we can say that the universe and all Logos and so-forth are part of the divine creation. It has been said that it was through, or with love that the creator created the universe or creation. This ‘Love’ then is more than the concept that we use to describe the term. It is in fact “the divine power” or “a divine power” used to manifest creation.

The creators ‘love’

Therefore all of creation, everything within it is an expression of the creators “Love.” So when talking about The Logos and sub-logos etc, we can say Logos means Love as they were created from the creators Love. So nothing does not originate from the creator, as nothing does not originate from the creators love.

When looking at the sun, we can perhaps deduce that this is the original meaning of the phrases “The son (sun) of God”, or simply “Gods son (sun).” We do know that Jesus the Christ in the Christian faith was termed the ‘Son of God’, but perhaps what was meant was that he was a ‘Sun God.’ A title that infers quite a different meaning. There have actually been books written depicting Jesus as the actual sun itself.

so in closing, when taking into consideration all of the above, we no longer should go about our daily lives wondering or musing about the reality, existence or presumption of a creator or The Creator. It’s been right there all along. Every morning it rises and every evening it sets, shining it’s light upon us, a reminder and a representative of the original creator.

Sun sets, a holiday photo in county Mayo, Ireland

And this is why, when I’m out in nature, I raise my arms towards the sun and give salutations to our Logos and through it, to the power and the majesty of the primal creator.

Salutations to you friend.

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