Spiritually, mediumship and religion.

I recently published a piece of prose / poetry dealing with the death of a mother and her grieving daughter.

The circumstances in which she passed and my role that day were strange indeed, but that’s another story. The passing of my mother-in-law ( whom I was close to) has torn up the family and my wife, and nothing I can say or do ( short of making her return) brings any comfort.


I remember telling my wife when we found out that her mother was very ill, that she my have up to a month to live, instead she ‘crossed over’ a week later. It’s always been a sticking point as I can’t explain why I received that information and why events didn’t transpire the way we thought they would. I only know that’s there’s always a reason for everything even if we don’t understand it.

My wife (and her sister) have had a private reading from a medium in which her mother ‘came through’; but subsequent disappointing, public mediumship events ( in which they recieved no further messages) and the passage of time; have lead to the doubting of the validity of the original reading, and the entire belief in a hereafter. Both only in a spiritual sense and in a religious one.

This is a very unfortunate situation as spirit communication only works on the basis of one person acting as the channel and the ‘person’ who has crossed over willing (or able) to relay a message. There is no forcing or dictating in this type of communication and there are a myriad of reasons why you don’t recieve a message from someone who has left the physical.

Maybe not quite like this.

Amongst these are the fact that in between incarnations, the realm or plane of spirit, is a place of review and healing. We review and digest the life that we have led, assessing and understanding how the life lessons we learnt in the physical promoted spiritual growth. Also the spirit/soul/energetic life force ( whatever you want to call it) requires healing of the life that it just had.

This world or experience that we incarnate into is very intense and can be very challenging; and there are very few people who sail through a lifetime unscathed. There are so much traumas and heartaches one can experience in a lifetime, that aren’t properly dealth with in the physical, that a period of reflection and healing is required in the non-corporal shall we say.

Concept of an afterlife

So given this, a person who has departed the physical may not be ready or willing to communicate just yet. People can spend years waiting on a message from one particular person in Spirit. Add to this that at a public demonstration, the working medium can only bring forward so many messages to a limited number of people. But and large the majority of those in attendance, will be disappointed as not being the beneficiary of a personal message.

Also worth considering, is that the working Medium has to rely on the description (physical or attributes) being understood by the recipient. A lot of people don’t want to commit to the information being channelled as they want more proof/ have a fixed idea of the decreased person in their physical appearance or personally. But remember folks, think that if it was you who had passed; people may remember you differently than what you consider to be your outstanding qualities. People my have thought of you as being a lively, bubbly extrovert; but instead you may have been quite shy and lonely on the inside but you kept that facet of yourself hidden. So when a person in Spirit is divluging this information to a medium, you can understand the confusion that may arise from someone who remembers you quite differently.

I’m only laughing on the outside.

Sadly to say, that just like any profession, there are a lot of bluffer’s and egotistic people who think that because they’ve gotten a few ‘links’ or performed a few psychic readings, that they’re fully fledged mediums. This is what gives the profession a bad reputation. You would think that in dealing with people’s emotions and feelings, when acting as a medium between two people seperated, between life and death; that this profession would be sacrosanct, but sadly this is not the case.

On the other side of this, you have people who reject what they’re being told. Certain individuals enter into a dialogue with a medium or physic with certain expectations, and because they don’t recieve what they are expecting, they get frustrated and disappointed. But this is not how this craft works. People will get told what they ‘need‘ to hear, not what they want, whether that’s on a physic level or from someone in Spirit via a medium. What changes they needs to make in their lives for the better, even if it requires upheaval in their present situation.

Finally religion plays a big part in this. Most, if not all religions profess a belief in the evolution or continuation of one’s Consciousness after physical death. And most, if not all religions have some record of contact between someone (or someone’s) and someone else who has departed the physical plane. Whether that be in a dream, vision, voice or a physical manifestation, the person is most assuredly not amongst the living. This is certainly true of the three Abrahamic religions.

Christianity, Islam & Judaism

So why, when it comes to spirit contact along with other spiritual abilities, does religion either frown upon or reject the ideals out of hand? This is not witchcraft or hocus pocus, it is as natural as the air you breathe or the water you drink. It is our ‘God’ given birthright and every human being on the planet has the ability and potential to do it, they just haven’t been shown how.

So why is it not more widely known? Why don’t you hear or see about people who do this on the television? Why no mention in the mainstream media of centres of learning like your local public spiritual Church or privately run mediumship circles? Why hasn’t there been an integration of spiritual practices and people into main religions?

Could it be that some religious leaders have been repeating the same dogma for so long that they are unable or unwilling to make changes? Even if those changes can clearly benefit humanity and are in line with the original message of said religion? Perhaps they are afraid of losing influence and that their congregation will desert them.

But if this hypothedical exodus leads to more people connecting with (insert the name of your deity here……..) then isn’t that a good thing? Because this is what true spiritually teaches, a personal connection to where we truely come from. It teaches you not to rely on some middle man (or woman), its not through them that salvation or atonement comes.

Is not the only difference from you and they lie in the fact that they have read a few more theological books then you and have been ordained by another person who’s part of the same system as they are.? Reading and acting in a pious or ecclesiastical manner is they find. But I would like to know how many have ever ‘felt‘ anything? Have they ever felt pure, unconditional love from the source or feel different energies when connecting with spirits? How many, can bring any evidence or proof of the existence after physical death other than what they’ve read?

One of the most tragic things I’ve heard people say about spiritually and mediumship in particular, is that it’s against their religion when nothing could be farther from the truth. They go to their places of worship, and listen to someone on a platform tell them; that only after death do we get to see and hear from people who have passed from this life. And they believe this is the only truth there is. And yet, with the right person, their loved ones could potentially be giving them a message in this life.

In closing, I want to say that I don’t mean to sound as if I’m bashing religion. Religion serves a purpose and in the most part is helpful to many, many people. It’s just that (in my opinion) nothing stays still, opnions, ideas and perspectives are ever evolving as we grasp the truth of our existence.

This goes as much for religious teachings as it does for my own beliefs; which will no doubt change one day too. But that’s ok, I’m willing to accept new information that comes my along my path. I’ll read it, disseminate or and if it resonates with me, then I’ll incorporate it into my understanding of reality.

Reality layers

And this is exactly how you should define your reality. Take what resonates with you, discard what doesn’t and always be open to new possibilities. Even if that means disregarding what I have to say ( obviously I hope not!)

If you have any opinions comments or questions in what I’ve had to say, please feel free to let me know in the comments below and I’ll respond as best I can. As I said I don’t know it all and sharing of ideas and information can only serve to help each other.

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