From beyond, a poem from the other side

Dearest Anne
You think I’m gone, gone for good.
But I tell you now, many things are misunderstood.

This mixed up world we came too, is so upside down, It surely needs to be turned around.
When the few have the most & the most have the least,
Is it any wonder there is no peace.

But despair not dearest daughter I’m still around,
although you may think you can’t see me, nor feel me nor hear any sound.

You came to me needing counsel and advice,
I solved all your problems in a way neat & nice.
But now I am the brilliant sunlight that illuminates your path,
that wraps you with warmth like I used to in the past.

As a mother hen knows what’s right for her chick,
so to did I know when to use the carrot or the stick!
The cool breeze through your hair that eases you along,
The fierce wind at your back pushing you towards right, not wrong.

Do you miss my smell? From memory does it fade?
Cigarette smoke & shampoo so pungent yet pleasant
A smell only I could have made

And when nostalgia for smell hits so hard you can’t take,
I’ll send a scent so strong to remind you, it’ll hit you right up the bake

Four senses from five I have given
but now a memory of taste I must describe. Is it to hard to conjour, to trying to meet?
No it’s quite simple, so easy
Just broil the vegetables & overcook the meat.

But beloved daughter I am not quite done, another sense I must relate and it is the most important one.
A woman’s intuition, a sense of femininity, it’s called the sixth sense
and it comes from the heart you see.
Trust in your feelings, let your emotions guide you,
when you trust in your heart you’ll know I’m beside you

Laugh & I laugh too, Cry and I cry too!
And when you love (for that Is the key) I couldn’t be any closer to you.

Never the end nor beginning let the cycle continue,
In light & love take comfort that I’ll see you anew

Written for a grieving daughter about her recently passed mother. I wrote this over a few days and most of the words came via spiritual inspiration. It doesn’t all rhyme or fit into neat verses, like I imagined it, but that’s the way it came together so there it is…

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