Soul Seeking

I am not this person who was named at birth.
I do not belong with the people in this country.
I do not belong in this skin that I can see & touch.
I am not my ethnic race.
I do not truly feel that I am a male or female.

I do not truly feel like a human being.
I try to fit in, but feel so alienated at times.
I feel limited & restricted in this body.
I feel like there’s something I’m missing, that I’m capable of much more.

Sometimes I feel so dense & heavy.

I have a vague recollection of happier times.
I don’t feel like I belong in this planetary vibration.
Sometimes I feel like this body is an avatar.

My true form is composed of light.
I am free in this form.
My brother’s & sisters are composed of light. They all look like me, talk like me & act like me.
They are ALL me.
We all act in unison, because we are unity.

If I know this to be a forgotten trueness within my heart, then what am I doing here?

Trapped like a bird in a cage unable to spread it’s wings.

How, How, how! How do I return to this perfect, half-remembered state.

How do I, like looking through an old photo album; reclaim my memories instead of these vague, mist shrouded recollections

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