Seeking 4

What is the purpose of the seeking What are you seeking? Why are you seeking? You are seeking that which has been forgotten. You are seeking your forgotten memories. you are seeking that which was known to you in spirit. This is why you seek. For when you seek that which was forgotten will surely be made known to you in the fullness of time.

And when you seek, you must ask the questions, why did I come here? what do I need to remember? Who am I other than this body, this skin? How do I come to know fully in my heart that there is no separation between my brother’s & sisters. How do I come to the realisation, through deep knowing that I am part of the creator, that the creator resides within me, that the creator resides within each and every individual, each and every living thing. How do I feel that infinite love each and every day?

The pure joy, the pure bliss, the ecstasy of knowing that you are one with the creator. When this state is achieved one begins to weep tears of unadulterated joy, one can say, YES! I have finally found you. Even if it is for only it briefest moment, the union has been discovered & forward from then, it can be nurtured & cultivated as a seedling is tended to and cared for until it grows and blossoms into a beautiful flower. What is the key ingredient to this tending? It is love my friends, pure and simple love.

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”
– Buddha

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