A Seeking conversation

You don’t have to ‘get‘ anywhere or ‘do‘ anything, you simply have to ‘be‘. To exist, to sit still and relax and drink in life as it appears around you. Take in & contemplate the sunshine, the blue sky, the wind or breeze on your face. The sound of birds and bees. Contemplate nature itself, because when you do this, you are contemplating the nature of creation itself, you are contemplating the creator itself.

You are contemplating YOU. As in the creator in you. So the focus should ever be on the creator, your thoughts should ever be on the creator in seeking to create a bridge or pathway that links and reconciles both aspects: the all in one & the one in all. ( As above, so below). Surely by this process, the veil of forgetfulness can be penetrated by some degree and memory of your true actuality can be obtained….

Meditate, sit in the silence. Be still and know, that I am God!

Patrice: Always. I’m having a moment. We get tested when we say, thy will be done.

Me: ‘test’ is catalyst. Catalyst definition according to dictionary.com is: 3. a person or thing that precipitates an event or change. An event/s in your life that may seem like negative occurrences; events that cause you to ask the universe: why me? Am I so bad to deserve this? But in actuality are events that can promote great spiritual growth. Events like this make an individual look inward to examine their lives at the present moment & contemplate how they can strive to overcome or evolve their current situation.

If one is able and willing to engage in inward contemplation, then they generally find the necessary tools or solutions to their so called negative situation. How many times have you heard someone recount a tale of woe that occurred previously only to listen to them proclaim that are a stronger or better person then before.

Always keep in mind that everything that happens to you is for your higher good, for you to grow spiritually. Most of what happens in your current life here is a symbiotic mixture of Karma & catalyst.

Patrice: I don’t believe in negative. Apart from when someone is abused or they have their will taken by another. That is not from God. That’s man’s creation. But all other occurrence is natural therefore we only suffer when we resist the natural outcome of things.
I don’t have any Karma ether, my situation is training so that I learn compassion and to love unconditionally.

Me: I’ve lost my train of thought Patrice so I’ll wrap up by saying never dismiss anything. You never stop growing or learning. What you don’t believe today ( due to having no experience of it) can be understood & accepted as reality tomorrow due to your own experience of it. How many people don’t believe in spirits & your ability to perceive them? It’s only through their own inexperience of such things that disbelief occurs.

All part of the One . There is no true separation, it is only our illusion in this physical experience. Therefore each negative thought action or deed upon another is a negative thought, action or deed reflected back upon ourselves. Sometimes we have to make repatriations for this in our next incarnation, but the Karma is actually catalyst prompting us to learn and grow from the experience.

Negativity or negative energy is something that I have had personal experience of & I know that a few others within this group will be nodding their heads reading this.

Patrice: I know what you mean. But I’m speaking from what I was told by my guide who trains me. Sometimes we are here to help others grow and we need to not get caught up in someone else’s growth by thinking it’s our problem or that something terrible is happening to us.

I know I’m growing. I’m growing by being able to understand that not everything is about me and that I need to have my eyes only on God. If a thing stops growing it automatically starts to die. So there are only two possibilities for us. I’m just saying I know what I’m going through is not Karma. This is Cause. The effect will come later.

I don’t believe in some of the things others do. I believe that even if there was an evil spirit they can only test a person according to God’s will. So I take everything as from God.

Me: Interesting conversation. The truth is there is no ultimate right or ultimate wrong, there is only what is truth for you, what resonates truth for you. I also meant to say that your higher self will always give you what your are asking for, it just won’t come in the way you are expecting it. It’s up to us to interpret the experience. What’s black isn’t always black what’s white isn’t always black. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

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