Sinchronicity at work

Just thought i’d share this story of how this ‘stuff’ can make its itself known in everyday life.

So I Shazamed two songs recently, about a week apart. I’d no idea what the songs were. They were part of two different music mixes I’d been listening to and I liked the sound of them.

The first music set was this one below.

and the second set was this one.

The track from the first set was this one below.

This made my eyes pop. It refers to one of the seven Hermetic principles. Namely The Principle of Correspondence. How uncanny I thought, that a song that I happened to like, would happen to have this title.

The track from the second set was this one below.

No way I thought. No way that this is a coincidence. Two completely random songs have titles that relate Spiritually to me? There’s obviously a message here for me, I’ve just to figure out what it could be.

But it just goes to show you; messages can take any shape or form. It could be dreams, songs, a sentence on a page, a street or vehicle sign, a Voice on the TV or radio. Anything that make you think that it speaks or was meant for you personally.

So we have to pay attention to our surroundings, for the signs are always there. It’s just that most of us dismiss it as a coincidence, just one of those weird things that happen from time to time. We don’t associate it with Spirit communication.

We tell ourselves that there must be a rational, logical, scientific explanation for the event. No doubt there already is a scientific theory for occurrences such as these.

But that’s because science in general does not accept the non-physical or non-corporeal yet. I’ve personally come across a few articles and videos that seek to put a physical explain action on phenomenon that I’ve experienced. It’s actually quite tragic, as it makes people who have these experiences; dismiss them as being physical problems simply because they have no experience of them. No-one one to tell them what they are actually experiencing.

Sometimes it seems to me, that it’s purposefully conceived to be this way. To keep the truth of our reality from the masses. Imagine if most of or a majority of the population was aware that there really are spirits & a spiritual realm. That they could be interacted with to bring forth information and messages relating to you or people close to you.

What kind of a world would we live in as we began to explore and develop this communication as a collective? Would all of the old power structures such as religion, finance and government start to feel unnecessary as we no longer relied on other people to tell us what to do, how to act or think?

Would we start cultivating a better world with no more wars and violence and start to treat or fellow wo/men better?

Maybe, certainly something to think about!

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