Seeking part 3

This post is part 3 in a three part series. If you haven’t already please read parts 1 & 2

Part 2

Part 1

By understanding the choice, and living your life by that choice is the only way to break or escape the wheel of Karma as the Buddhist teachings understands it.

Who wants to come back to come back to this planet or third density experience to have to undergo another lifetime of similar experiences, when knowing that the next stage of evolution is a heaven like experience where everyone is of the same mindset as you. Where you understand that separation is an illusion, that everyone is you and you are everyone, there is no difference, all are one!

This is what our brothers & sisters who have been where we are now and have escaped the illusion, are now in the higher realms, beyond physical death, beyond spirit world, have to tell us. If we would only listen. Would you, if you were at their evolved state not do the same thing? Try to help beings still caught in the illusion with little or no awareness of the true nature of creation or the creator?
How many people have you Encountered day to day that you have realised are still fast asleep? When you converse with them do you not feel a yearning to wake them up?

It is the same thing my friends, our brothers & sisters who have gone before us whether on this planet or another have the same message and that is to simply WAKE UP and understand that the better life you wish for is not to be found in the material goods you perceive. The better car you covet, the big house with its own gardens and privacy from other people, the money that enables you to buy ornate, expensive things. That enables you to jet off to different parts of the world.

By doing things like this, by watching programs that ‘program‘ you into thinking that this is how life should be, you caught up in the illusion. No my friends shut off your five senses, and turn your gaze inward and seek the creator within you, then you will surely find happiness & a penetration of the illusory nature of this world …

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