Seeking part 2

This is part two in a three part post please read part 1 beforehand.

So each and every one of us is the creator attempting to know itself in each and every unique way. This is why we feel incomplete, a gnawing feeling in our being that this world just can’t be all that there is to life!

It is because we have awoken from the dream, the illusion that ‘this‘ life is all there is to existence. We are ‘seeking‘ to return to the original creator. But we must first understand the creator in its entirety within us. We undergo many ‘lessons‘ and ‘stages‘ in an attempt to have a more complete understanding of the creator within and without.

Our brothers & sisters who have gone before us, who have been where we are at this stage of our evolution are trying to help us to see through this illusion. They understand that even the spirit world is only a truck stop on the way back to the creator. The whole purpose of existence is to grow spiritually so that reincarnation into a physical body is no longer necessary.

How Do we do this? By ‘the choice.’ Everything in this world is designed to make you choose. It is a system of polarity. Good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative. Service to others or service to self. The choice itself is unimportant, but you ‘must‘ choose and live your life by that choice, for failing to do so results in you having to repeat this cycle of experience.

2 thoughts on “Seeking part 2

  1. Whether you choose positive polarity or negative polarity the point is the Choice. Because even negative polarity understands Cosmic Law or free will. So in making either choice you still honor Creator. Therefore it is the apathetic many, the spiritually bankrupt, the non believer, the atheist that is at that risk of the karmic entanglement not so much the “spiritually wicked”?
    I absolutely agree.

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