The Moment Contains Love

“The moment contains love.” The moment contains love in that pause between breaths. The moment contains love in the stride with each footstep. The moment contains love in that clear space between thoughts. The moment contains love in the rest between actions. The moment contains love in the wafting passing of a bees buzz. The […]

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The Soul Mates

I love you I love you I love you Unequivocally Unashamedly Unabashedly Undeniably Unforgettably Unknowingly Even when you hurt me and put me down. Even when you ignore me and pay me no heed. Even when I wonder if love for me so beats within your heart. The Candle light may flicker but it can […]

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Soul Seeking

I am not this person who was named at birth. I do not belong with the people in this country. I do not belong in this skin that I can see & touch. I am not my ethnic race. I do not truly feel that I am a male or female. I do not truly […]

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Seeking part 1

Why do you feel it is necessary to attend a church to get into contact with your creator? Why do you hand over your power to another so called priest or Chaplin and think that’s my duty done, responsibility for what happens in my life handed over to another who will take care of it! […]

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With Sonia Experiencer and visitee

Sonia is an Experiencer of otherworldly / higher dimensional phenomena and published these accounts with documentary evidence on her blog. Sonia has experienced visitations and phenomena from a very early age and in this interview she recounts those experiences from her early childhood through to her adult life and how she began to understand what […]

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The Modern Pilgrims update

I’ve written previously about The Modern Pilgrims Julie and Brad’s journey across the Beltane Leyline (also known as the Michael and Mary leyline) and the great cause they are doing it for (mental health awareness and fund raising for the charity Mind) This is an update on that journey. Unfortunatley Julie and Brad have had […]

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With Neil Elliott, Author of A Higher Road. A 7-Step Process to Inner Peace, Joy, Love, Abundance, and Prosperity.

D Neil Elliott is the author of the book: A Higher Road. Cleanse Your Consciousness to transcend The Ego and Ascend Spiritually.  In this interview with Neill, we discuss his new book through the lens of his life before and after awakening Spiritually. Neill was a successful business man working long hours as a consultant, […]

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My vision Quest

So while I was in Dundrum staying at Arley House, I decided to take a walk along a Murlough Nature Reserve. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired by the walk and was feeling quite sorry for myself due to the upheaval in my life presently… At some point I decided to leave the […]

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Q’uotes #23

Realize that all relationships within the density that you now enjoy, with very few exceptions, go through difficult times. Not just once but cyclical. Do not be afraid of these times, but rather gaze at what unites the two rather than what separates you, one from the other. Do this for the love of your […]

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